Let's Talk Fantasy: More League Settings Part 2

Earlier today I gave you an update on my proposed 12 team league settings for the upcoming CSR fantasy season. A lot of you asked in the previous thread when we will get the CSR leagues kicked off. I don't know yet when that will occur though I do know last year SBN didn't make a final decision on the sponsor until late July. I expect the same this year but you never know. I will pass on the info as soon as I get but rest assured it will happen.

So here is the remaining league settings open for discussion. We've got player rules, trade and waiver wire rules, regular season match-up rules, playoff rules and draft set up. If you think something needs changed I would like ot hear your reasoning.


Observe ESPN's Undroppable Players List: Yes - I doubt we will have an undroppable list. Besides the league manager should shut down any team jettisoning players, for whatever reason.

Player Universe: All NFL Players

More after the jump...


Lineup Changes: Lock Individually at Scheduled Gametime - Some leagues lock the rosters at the start of the first game of the week. Those Thursday night games always catch people by surprise

Player Acquisition System


Season Acquisition Limit: No Limit

Waiver Period: 1 Day

Waiver Order: Resets each week to inverse order of standings


Trade Limit: No Limit

Trade Deadline: Wednesday, November 28, 12PM ET - I'm flexible here though I rarely trade myself

Trade Review Period: 1 Day

Votes Required to Veto Trade: LM Only Vetos - Don't make me go Goodell on you


Use Keepers for 2012 Season: No keepers - My ESPN league is actually the only league where I do a single keeper. Mine will be Cam Newton this year (and the for seeable future)


Start of Regular Season

Week 1 (Start of Season)

Weeks per Matchup: 1

Regular Season Matchups

14 (Playoffs start Week 15)

Matchup Tie Breaker: None

Home Field Advantage: None


Playoff Teams: 6 (3 rounds)

Weeks per Playoff Matchup: 1 week per round

Playoff Seeding Tie Breaker: Total Points For

Playoff Home Field Advantage: None


Draft Type: Snake - I will conduct mine Live but other leagues can do an auto draft if they like

Draft Date: To be determined for each individual league

Seconds Per Pick: 60

Draft Order: Manually Set by League Manager (You trust me right?) - Seriously, I'll randomize it a week in advance

Allow Draft Pick Trading : No

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