Carolina Panthers Top Ten Training Camp Casualties

SPARTANBURG, SC - AUGUST 03: A helmet of the Carolina Panthers on the ground during training camp at Wofford College on August 3, 2011 in Spartanburg, South Carolina. (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

The list that I've put together today is comprised of some fairly prominent players who could very well find themselves on the verge of being cut if one or both of the following things take place.

1. Injury away

Exactly half of the players on this particular list are in this category because of their injury history. It isn't that they are bad players. To the contrary, most(if not all) of these five guys have proven some level of starting ability, but haven't been able to stay healthy.

2. Bad/Good Camp

The remaining five made this list in the same way that many players do every time training camp comes around. Some of them will simply be cut because they didn't perform well at all. While others will look decent in Spartanburg, but not good enough to beat out the other guy(s) fighting for the same position.

Keep in mind that I only included players that most of us are very familiar with because they've been with the Panthers for at least a year. I felt like it would have been a bit bland to put together a list of ten UDFA's who were obviously unlikely to make the team in the first place. Be sure to make your thoughts known in the poll and in the comment section that follows. See you on the other side.

10. WR David Gettis

If Gettis suffers another devastating injury, he'll be good as gone. There's also a slight chance he could get beat out by one of the other 37(BW special) wide receivers who are also vying for a spot.



9. TE Gary Barnidge

Look for veteran TE Joe Jon Finley to give Barnidge a run for his money in training camp.



8. S Jordan Pugh

Pugh doesn't translate his good practices into good game-day performances for some reason. One of the many new safeties the Panthers have signed will be looking to take Pugh's place, and they have an excellent chance of doing so.



7. S Sherrod Martin

The much maligned Martin will certainly be shown the door if he looks anything like the product that he put on the field in 2011.



6. DE/OLB Eric Norwood

Norwood has been mostly an afterthought for the Panthers over the course of his three seasons with the Panthers. To his credit, he has been able to remain on the roster for a reason. But this may be the year he gets cut because of guys like Jyles Tucker, Antwan Applewhite, and Thomas Keiser breathing down his neck.



5. Jimmy Clausen

Pickles doesn't presently have any competition for the 3rd string QB position, but I believe he'll still need to show some type of improvement to earn a roster spot. If he looks no better than mediocre during preseason, the Panthers we'll quickly find a replacement, or just stick with two QBs in preference of another position.


4. DT Ron Edwards

Edwards is high on this list because of his somewhat sizable cap hit and his age(turns 33 next month). He's another injury away from getting his walking papers.

3. OLB Thomas Davis

We can only hope TD's knee can hold up because he is a high impact difference maker when healthy.



2. RT Jeff Otah

See TD comment above.

1. WR/KR Armanti Edwards

I think most of us would agree that AE's days are numbered if he can't string together some downright dynamic training camp and preseason game performances.



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