Here's a Good Trade Partner for Clausen

Just got home and started doing some reading on my favorite website CSR and was reading the story about Otah and just started geting bumbed out. As I kept scrolling though the comments and noticed some was saying that Little Jimmy was doing pretty well in camp and then it hit me, I think I might have the prefect team to send him to with a pretty good replacement in return. Ready yourself for the most mind blowing experiance of your life. Okay now that I went and got a glass of Scotch it's not so mind blowing of an experiance.

So I think the Vikings might be a good place for Little Jimmy to land.

Reason 1: Ponder is injury prone so he would get a chance to start.

Reason 2: The scheme is centered around a QB who has a very average arm and has a former ND player in TE Rudolph so he already is better then Ponder in that area.

Reason 3: Sage Rosenfels is the guy he'll have to beat out to be the backup. I really see this as Jimmys only way to start this season and who know's Jimmy may be the starter come the end of the year.

Now who do we get in return, why backup QB Joe Webb of course. Now remember that Webb was drafted by the Vikings to be a receiver not a QB. When given the chance he has shown enough of his potential that I believe he could be Cam's future backup. Webb stands at 6'4 220lbs.

Joe Webb Strengths: Has very good speed for a QB and can scramble out of the pocket, very durable, has excellent arm strength, can make all the throws and can move the ball down field.

Joe Webb Weakness: Needs to be able to read D's better, throwing mechanics need refining as weel as decision making, has a tendency to throw into coverage, accuracy needs improvment. Never has had a full season to learn to be a QB and that include's in college when he was still taking snaps at WR even as the fulltime starter at QB. Learning behind DA and Cam this season should allow the coaching staff to determane if he is a viable backup or not.

Joe Webb College Stats:

ATT Comp Yds TD Int

Passing 06/09: 792 496 5771 24 38

Rushing 06/09: 516 2774 24

Rec .07&09: 32 471 4

Pro Stats:

Passing 10/11: 152 88 853 3 5

Rushing 10/11: 40 274 4 16 First Downs

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