10 very likely wins and why I love our schedule.

I know this is a topic that should have been discussed months ago when the schedule was released. I noticed lately a few aren't fond of our schedule this season. Call me crazy but I absolutley love our schedule. Below I will explain why I love it and why I can pretty easily call for 10 wins at least.

1. Home field advantage. The football gods must have been really smiling upon us in this aspect. Nearly every team that would have been hell to play away, we play in Charlotte. Seattle Seahawks for example we play in Charlotte. we all know how every NFL team loathes to play in Seattle. This alone would have been great but it gets better. Not only do we play the Seahawks in Charlotte we also have the Cowboys, Giants, Raiders and Broncos in Charlotte. Oh and the icing on the cake? How about the football gods also threw in a depleted Saints team in week 2, where? you guessed it.. Bank Of America stadium.

Now the teams we play away (besides NFCS teams of course) are the Chiefs, Eagles and the Chargers. Despite the great home field crowd the Chiefs have, I just don't see them hanging with us. The Redskins shouldn't be terrible. Now the Eagles in Philly on Monday night is by far our toughest game this season. The Chargers game could honestly go either way. It just depends which Phillip Rivers shows up, and the fact they don't have Vincent Jackson should help us, (however us playing against V-Jax twice isn't ideal, but I digress.)

Now don't get me wrong, I know it's never cut and dry in the NFL. I know we will lose some of the home games we should win and vice-versa. However I am seriously thrilled about our schedule. This isn't me being in denial, or trying to view the glass as half full type of thrilled. I am really and truly 100% happy with this schedule. We play the good teams in Charlotte and the mediocre teams away (except Philly of course.) Frankly, You just couldn't ask for a better schedule in my opinion. Now Below here is my season prediction game by game. I figure I wouldn't write a description beside each prediction, I'll leave that open to discussion. (I know this isn't in order btw.)

Panthers Vs Eagles; L

Panthers Vs Seahawks; W

Panthers Vs Giants; L

Panthers Vs Cowboys; W

Panthers Vs Raiders; W

Panthers Vs Redskins; W

Panthers Vs Chargers; L

Panthers Vs Chiefs; W

Panthers Vs Saints (week 2); W

Panthers Vs Falcons (away); L

Panthers Vs Saints (week 17); L

Panthers Vs Broncos; W

Panthers Vs Bucs (week 1); W

Panthers Vs Falcons (at home); W

Panthers Vs Bucs; W

Panthers Vs Bears; L

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