NFL: Saints kept a 'Bounty Ledger' detailing player earnings

Shiznit just got real, folks. According to an article by Yahoo! Sports writer Jason Cole, the NFL has a copy of a ledger that the Saints coaching staff used to tally the amounts of money that various players earned during the bounty program that has the team in hot water with the league.


Two sources with knowledge of the NFL's evidence in the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal said Friday that the league has a copy of a "ledger" that was kept detailing weekly earnings for players.

The ledger, which shows both money earned for "cart-offs" and "whacks" and deducted for "mental errors," also points to the fact that players were told on a week-by-week basis of their performance.

If this is true, the Saints players will have no defense for the bounty program that they have allegedly been part of since 2009. They're currently using the tried and true "but the league has no evidence" story as their main defense from the allegations, but if the league actually has the evidence as Cole suggests, the players will have nowhere else to go with their defense. I'm not a legal expert, but given that new information has come to light, now might also be a good time for Jonathan Vilma to drop to the lawsuit he recently filed against Commissioner Goodell, otherwise he might come out of it looking pretty stupid after the judge laughs in his face.

And as for the players who claim they have no knowledge of the bounty system, the league feels differently:

"The players clearly knew what was going each week with the payments," a source told Yahoo! Sports. In fact, multiple sources admitted that Saints defensive players would regularly encourage teammates to put money earned from the bounty system back into the pool. It's unclear if that was to increase the potential winnings or eventually use the money for some other purpose.

I don't know about you guys, but it seems to me like the NFL has the Saints by the throat here. Of course, I'm sure we'll hear the cries of Who Dat Nation as they claim that once again they're being picked on by the bad boys of the NFL. I'm sure they're right - I mean, how hard would it be for Rog to just make up a ledger out of thin air and pretend it's from the Saints coaching staff? He'd totally do that, right?

What do you think, Panthers fans? Let's hear your thoughts on this supposed new evidence the league has in its possession. Does this evidence make it a slam dunk case? I think so, but what do you think?

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