Happy Birthday CSR! This Blog Started 5 years Ago Today

Yes it was five years ago today that I cranked out my first post on CSR and explained how I came up with the, err... unique name. When I started CSR I told the NFL Director I would give it at least five years and here we are. I also said my ultimate goal was to go to the draft (still working on that one but I think 2013 is my year!).

I can remember averaging around 100 hits a day and thinking "If I could only get to 300 I would think I had done something worthwhile." Let's see at the moment we have 5,040 plus members worldwide (add your location here), 8,500 hits per day (down from 13k a couple weeks ago) and just surpassed 5M user visits. It took almost three years to get the first million and then only two more years to get the next four million. It really has made my head spin and I still marvel at it today.

Best is probably the fact that though CSR was the last NFC South blog to get started we are now number one in all categories, #11 overall within SBN football. That's pretty kick ass. It's a tribute to the hard work everyone puts in, both staff and membership....or shall I call it a labor of love?

The truth is this site only became awesome once I added more authors and editors. James Dator, BW, Cyberjag & Little King are long serving guys. We've added a great group of new guys in the last year (see list at bottom of HP) that has really given us a diverse viewpoint on just about any topic. Another key lesson for me is finally not tolerating the trolls and keeping them on a short leash so to speak. I really hate to hear when people say they don't give their opinions for fear of getting slammed. For me that is a key thing going forward to always keep an eye on.

Another is I want to keep being on the cutting edge in promoting the community and keeping it fun and entertaining. Hence I end this post with a new video and an introduction. If you have listened to CSR radio either live or on download you have heard the audio introduction. Kick ass MP3 I must say, courtesy of Southtunnell who made that on his 1st try.

Well I asked NFLPanthers07, who I have seen do some killer Panther videos, to make a video to go with the audio and he didn't disappoint. So we are already discussing ideas for additional custom videos and the such so stay tuned and enjoy this first one.

So a huge thanks to everyone who helped make this a fun five years! Oh, and I think I'm going to stick around for a few more God willing!

Keep Pounding Panther fans!

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