Remaining 2012 Free Agents

Someone mentioned that the Panthers will likely pick up Shockey after they're able to shift some of Wharton's cap hit to next year. That got me thinking. With so many questions at so many positions, what are the chances that the Panthers are not yet done signing free agents in 2012? The first thing I looked at is how much they'll have to spend come June. My google search for that figure turned up a post by Jaxon from 4-14-12. At that time, the estimate was 5.2 or 5.1 with another 3.8 expected once we split Wharton's hit in half. Source. That would give us almost 9 mil to play with. That's definitely enough greenbacks to pick up someone worthwhile. Now let's see if someone worthwhile is available.

The list of available players after the jump.

I found most of this list on so perhaps it belongs with a grain of salt. I've bolded the ones that I think are germane to the Panthers' interests and needs.

    Aubrayo Franklin DT, Saints

    DT is an area we're looking to improve. I wouldn't want to impede the development of our 2011 third-rounders but this might be a good pickup.

    Cedric Benson RB, Bengals

    We're already stacked at RB and this guy's been arrested twice in two years. Moving on.

    Marcus McNeill OT, Chargers

    Has his own injury concerns but could still be a good backup plan in case either Otah or Gross falls to injury.

    Andre Carter DE, Patriots

    One of the more promising players on the list, but I don't think he fits. We're good at DE with Big Money and Hardy/Alexander. Plus this guy won't be ready right when the season starts due to a torn quadriceps suffered last year.

    Jim Leonhard S, Jets

    He suffered torn patellar tendon last Dec. but might be ready to go by the start of 2012 season. S is another position of interest for the Panthers, but his questionable status keeps me from bolding his name. However, if that question mark were to be erased, my interest would improve.

    Ryan Grant RB, Packers

    Williams, Stewart, Tolbert, Vaughn, etc... Nothing to see here.

    E. J. Henderson MLB, Vikings

    Beason, Keuchly. Moving on.

    Braylon Edwards WR 49'ers

    He was cut in week 16 due to lack of performance. Another veteran WR would be intriguing, but the way BAMF operates I don't see him picking up someone who was cut before last year's playoffs due to lack of production. Then again, if no WR steps up to impress in camp and if Braylon were to impress in an interview/workout... Who knows?

    Jeremy Shockey TE Panthers

    You know him, you love him, you want some more of him.

    Terrell Owens WR, Dr. Phil

    Over the hill head case. The dog does not want the broccoli.

    Plaxico Burress WR, Jets

    Rather than argue whether he’d be a good addition on the field, I’m looking at his off field concerns. I just don’t see the Panthers, and particularly Jerry Richardson, signing this guy. The fact that he has a fire-arms related arrest is more than I think Big Cat is willing to overlook.

    So there you have it. These are the only 9 players I was able to find. If anyone knows more please add them in the comments.

Now what do you think CSR? Are we done spending or is there one last spree left in Hurney's wallet?

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