Carolina Panthers 2012 Position Preview: CSR Managers, Editors and Authors

hehehe..... I hatched this little nugget of an idea whilst bored on a night shift. We fans are keen to review and critique players, offer criticism where we feel appropriate and even defend Matt Moore to the death on some occasions.... well one or two of us. With that in mind I thought it might be fun to review the brains and heart of this community..... those who have the power to put PT on the naughty step, those who wield the ban hammer, those who keep us informed on all things panthers....... THE MANAGEMENT. 16 people are charged with maintenance, upkeep and keeping the peace (sometimes harder than others *cough* *cough* Matt Ryan) on this site and obviously to review them all would take hours of my time, therefore I will be looking at a few of the regulars who rule over the rest of us peons to give the new bees an idea of who they are going up against. Who you say?..... Find out after the jump I say.

Obviously this article is tongue in cheek so as usual take nothing I say seriously. My favourite aspect of CSR is that we reguarly take the piss out of each other and return to fight another day with a smile on our faces.

Jaxon - The Big Dogg himself. Having only been a contributing member to this site for roughly a year I honestly don't know who started up CSR, but maybe it was Jaxon. For the purpose of this article I'm going to say it was. He is one of our leaders and we are his disciples, spreading the good word of CSR and trying in our infinite mercy to save as many poor souls from the ranks of the Charlotte observeras possible. As with all the Managers and Editors on this site, the amount of work and time he must put into this site boggles the mind, then on top that there's Cat Scratch Radio.... Sir I don't know how you find the time or effort to do what you do... for free. We salute you. From what I've seen, Jaxon doesn't get involved in arguments like some of the editors that lead to 900 comments on who is the best quarterback in the NFC south... but he does author the articles that lead to said arguments. Chance of making the team next year 100% Chance of him banning me for writing this article 25%

James Dator- How best to describe the myriad complexities of this man. A lexicon of thought, reason and brewery knowledge? CSR's Occam's razor at the manager position? A man whose opinions transcend the superstitions of lesser users, leaving them baffled, befuddled and potentially incontinent? All of the above? It would take a greater man than I to label the second Manager of our beloved site. All I know is that I can enter a debate with James and during the conversation my thoughts will some how change and i'll see my argument burning down in front of me. You know it wouldn't surprise me to hear James say.... ''These aren't the droids you're looking for'' Chances of him making the team next year 100% Chances of us all coming away from his next 'sir pour' article thirsty and in dire need of a thesaurus 90%

BW Smith - certainly one of the most involved editors on the site BW insnt afraid to role his sleeves up and get involved in an argument Those who have been here for a while know that bw loves his bojangles and is generally alight hearted guy however for those new bees out there i have dark and troubling news BW is the head of a notsosecret group of Gestapo esk terror known collectively as the grammer Nazi's always on hand to correct even the slightest in grammatical errors (even if they are in Latin) like a lynxin the mountains waiting to pounce on his unsuspecting prey More recently BW has enjoyed a troubled relationship (no homo for you Americans out there) with our very own PantherTrain Like a mentoring father figure trying to guild a disturbed pupil (I was thinking more star wars references but can anybody really see PT as Darth Vadar??) bws patience whilst not limitless has brought much amusement to me and others and whatever you do..... remember to pay your dues Chance of making the team next year 100% Chance of his annoyance at my lack of grammer in this paragraph leading to editorial changes 75%

Derek Leazer - It would be remiss of me not to tip my hat to Derek, whose format for this article I have clearly stolen. Derek is one of our newer authors and has penned a number of articles on potential hidden jems for late round draft picks and free agents. More recently his position review articles have been met with critical CSR acclaim. Quickly establishing himself as an active and informative author Derek has opened my eyes to many players I would not have considered pre draft. Thank you very much good sir. Chances of making the roster 100% Chances of an internal promotion to editor - I'm not important enough to know such info

Finally - Son of a newton- I had to mention S.O.A.N (not to confused with metal band S.O.A.D.) because he was one of the few, certainly the only editor to share my belief that Quintin Coples will be a success. Now that he's been drafted by the jets we have tried to make as little noise about QC as possible, in the vain hope that it will all go away and be forgotten. BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE if QC is a mega star you best pay me and S.O.A.N our dues because we were die hard to the end. Ivan I dont even want to hear it....... One particular article stands out for me from S.O.A.N. - a fantastic piece on defensive ends that's well worth a look and fully displays S.O.A.N's ability to break down football into simple chunks for the likes of me. Chances of making the roster 100% Chances of Coples being a mega star 50%

well folks that's enough from me. Thanks for listening the the insane ramblings of man awake at 00:40 BST. Most of all thanks to all the team here at CSR for building this community and increasing my panthers knowledge ten fold. You don't get enough thanks and you certainly don't get enough money.

Hat tip to the other editors and authors involved.... Cyberjag, Little King, Rick Bates, Revshawn, ERL, bylinebrown, TLong, Cam2SmittyAllDay, BrandonBecker. Peace out

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