CSR OT Open Thread, Vol. 14

It's that time of the week friends. Here's this week's OT thread so we can have our non-Panthers discussions.

As usual, here's a refresher course of the rules:

This is the place where you can talk about almost anything you want, and we prefer you start any off-topic conversations here to help keep the front page articles focused on the Panthers (after all, this is a Panthers site).

Please keep in mind that while this is an "open thread", the rules of CSR still apply. Play nice with each other, don't bring up politics and/or religion, and don't post NSFW images or use words that you wouldn't say in front of your mother. (Ok...we'll be lenient on the language...but let's try to keep the F-bombs to a minimum.)

Feel free to use this space as your "community cafe" so to speak, where you can discuss movies, music, tv shows, food, or anything else you want to discuss, so long as it adheres to the rules.

Very Important Note: If you are going to post images in this thread, keep them clean*. We've had issues with this recently, and we don't want to start enforcing a no images rule. Don't be "that guy" and ruin it for everyone else. Also, if you post an image, please post a subject line with it so people can hide images if they feel the need to do so. Failure to comply with this request will result in your image being removed, regardless of what the image depicts. I don't have the time nor the desire to beg everyone to use a subject line when posting images, so I will just remove the images that don't meet this simple criterion.

Also, please try to keep images to a reasonable size. This is more of a request than a requirement, but it is somewhat annoying to go through a thread with a lot of images that take up the entire screen. I understand that in some cases it's necessary for the image to be larger due to details that can't be seen in a scale version, but there's no reason to post a 1000 x 4000 image just for the sake of posting it. Please be considerate of others and use the height tag when appropriate. If you don't know how to use height tags when posting images, you can consult this How-To Guide.

* - By clean, I mean don't post an image you wouldn't find on Google Image Search with the Moderate setting activated. I think you all understand what I mean, but I'm posting this here just for clarification and to prevent anyone from saying "I didn't know what he meant." In lawyer-speak, it's called "Covering Your Arse", or CYA for short.

And finally, please be sure to rec this thread so it stays near the top of the fanpost section to ensure everyone who wants to join in can easily locate it. Also, if you rec'd the previous open thread, it would be awesome of you to go back and un-rec it so it disappears from the top of the fanpost section. We don't need to overcrowd the fanpost section with OT threads, so please help out by un-rec'ing the old thread.

Okay Panthers fans, this is now an off-topic open thread!

The content of these posts are those of the user/fan making the post only

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