Best Panthers fourth round selection of all time. (Poll)



Today after watching Cam Zilla's video's on Joe Adams, and Frank Alexander, I felt like this could possibly end up being the most impactful fourth round selections we have ever had. Of course these guys have not stepped on a field yet and played a single down in the NFL, but as we all do this time of year, I am excited and projecting forward that these guys will end up being difference makers on our team.

Adams I believe will step right in as a punt returner and light things up. The last time we had a threat to score each time he took a kick as a returner was Smitty back in the day, and before that it was Bates. It will be fun to watch and see if Adams can provide the same amount of electricity and excitement each time he steps on the field as a returner. Link to Cam_Zilla's Fanshot on Adams

Alexander just looks the part. Fast and instinctive and a nose for the ball. Physically impressive, and with great athleticism, he will do exactly what we need. Get to the QB. I still can not believe we were able to land this guy at 104. I believe he will put to rest the notion that we failed to improve our pass rush in this draft. Here is a link to Cam_Zilla's Fanshot on Alexander

Having said that, I wanted to take a look back to see how this draft class could stack up against others. Like I said earlier, I know these draft picks have yet to prove a thing, but this is based on how I personally project they could impact this team for years to come. This also will be good discussion for how this team has historically done with it's picks in the fourth, and for calling out picks that have made contributions to the team and others that have been flops.

After the jump I have listed each draft selection by year and pick number for us to look over, and a poll for you to pick you all time fourth round gem.

95 Frank Garcia 132

96 Norberto Garrido 106, Emmanuel McDaniels 111

97 Tarek Saleh 122

98 Donald Hayes 106

99 Hannibal Navies 100

00 Alvin McKinley 120

01 Chris Weinke 106

02 Dante Wesley 100

03 Colin Branch 119

04 No Pick

05 Stefan LeFors 121

06 Nate Salley 121

07 Ryne Robinson 118

08 No Pick

09 Mike Goodson 111, Tony Fiammetta 128

10 Eric Norwood 124

11 Brandon Hogan 98

12 Frank Alexander 103, Joe Adams 104

I think jumping off this page for me was our first selection might have been our best up to today. Frank was a solid starter for many years on the early Panthers and played a major role on the Oline.

Second thing that stood out is we selected at 106 a lot, and we should avoid that in the future. Not stellar performers there.

Brandon Hogan could end up being a steal there, but time will tell.

Dante Wesley had some solid years and did start for the Panthers, so he is up there for sure with the better finds in the fourth.

Early on the 09 selections of Goodson and Fiammetta looked promising but fumbleitis and concussions turned that south

Nate Salley had us all excited and with good reason for a while, but I think off field issues caught up with his career that looked promising. Please add if you remember what caused his down fall.

The list of dogs in that round is long and forgettable. Tarek who? Stefan Lefors. Have to say when we picked him out of Louisville, I thought he was going to light up the NFL, much like I thought Blaine Gabbert would. I can't recall Ryne Robinson and what happened with him, but my guess is a whole lot of nothing.

So here is where I stand. Garcia, and possibly Hogan down the road, are my top selections from the fourth round. That puts Adams and Alexander in a great position to surpass them if they can live up to what I think there potential and their tape shows.

How about you? Will this be the best fourth round ever? Who are your dogs, and who are your favorites, and any memories good or bad with this class.

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