Burying CSR's Dead Horses

There are a lot of topics on CSR that spark good, friendly debate amongst the community and prove that talking about football with a bunch of crazy passionate fans can be an extremely entertaining adventure. But on the other hand, there are some topics that - when brought up by anyone at any time - derail trains of thought and hijack threads to the point where the comments end up as a knockdown dragout slobberknocker that has to be moderated instead of the civilized discussion that was intended when the article/fanpost/fanshot was posted by the author.

My goal with this article is not to call out anyone in particular about their proclivities for arguing certain topics. Heck, I’d be lying if I said I was innocent in the community wide arguments about the topics I’m going to discuss at one time or another, so obviously my goal is not to call you out. (Calling you out for something I’ve taken part in myself would make me a hypocrite, and my momma didn’t raise no hypocrite.)

I’m sure by now you’re wondering what the point is for me writing this. (And if there is a point, then why haven’t I made it yet?) Well, the point of this article is to shine a light on some of these topics that are what you would call "hot-button issues", and hopefully convince everyone that it’s time to stop arguing about them ad infinitum, ad nauseam, and/or ad absurdum (take your pick); and suggest that it’s probably a good idea to find new things to argue about. After all, what would CSR be without people fighting over the internet, amiright?

With that being said, here are five subjects that we really don’t need to argue about anymore, because to put it lightly: we already know how everyone feels about it, and neither side can convince the other to change.

And one last thing before I get to the list: this is all in good fun. If you are guilty of incessantly arguing over some (or all) of this stuff, then please just sit back and laugh at yourself - it will make you feel better.

Follow me after the jump for the list.

Note: These are in no particular order.

1. Jimmy Clausen’s 2010 season

We all know how this one plays out. Someone brings up Cam Newton, and then someone else makes a Clausen joke (probably something about him throwing the ball out of bounds or not stepping up into the pocket). After the joke is made, someone will come to Clausen’s aid (as if he needs us to defend him) and say that he would have been better in 2010 if not for his horrible surroundings. And then it begins: one camp starts saying that Clausen sucks, and the other camp starts saying that Clausen is a good quarterback who was in a horrible situation. The Clausen sucks side brings out stats from 2010, and the Clausen doesn’t suck side brings out stats from his college years at Notre Dame. And so on, and so on.

Here’s the thing: it’s 2012 now. Can’t we move on to something else? Sure, there’s nothing wrong with the occasional joke at his expense (because it is our job to make fun of people - especially people who look like emus), but there’s no point in reliving that god-awful 2010 season just to prove who was to blame and who wasn’t to blame for the pitiful performances on offense. It doesn’t matter if Clausen got a raw deal or not anymore - we have Cam Newton as our franchise QB now. 2010 doesn’t matter anymore.

Note: Making fun of Clausen because he got jobbed by SuperCuts and decided to gripe about it on Twitter is totally acceptable, and expected.

2. We made the right choice in picking Newton instead of Gabbert

Ok, people who were on the Newton bandwagon from the start: We get it. You were right. Can you please stop shoving it down our throats now? We get that we were wrong when we said the team would probably take Gabbert over Newton because of Newton’s alleged off-field concerns. We realize now that we were wrong in thinking that Newton would struggle in his first year under center, and that it would take him a few years to be a respectable quarterback in the NFL. We couldn’t be happier to be wrong, but your constant rubbing our faces in it makes it difficult to enjoy what Cam brings to the Panthers. Also, just because Gabbert struggled in Jacksonville doesn’t mean diddly squat. Everyone not named Maurice Jones-Drew struggles in Jacksonville, so that argument really doesn’t hold much water. The Jags are a really bad football team right now, but they appear to be on the rise, and their selection of Gabbert - provided they find him a WR or two and an OL who can block - will pay off nice dividends for them in the end.

Still, the "Newton vs. Gabbert" stuff is over. Done. It’s so 2011 y’all, so let’s drop it and keep CSR a fashion-forward place. We have so much newer stuff to argue about now, like Newton vs. Luck or Newton vs. RGIII. Let’s leave the past in the past and look onward towards a bright future of better internet fights. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

3. Why Julius Peppers left Charlotte

Newsflash people - Peppers lives in Chicago now. He’s not a Panther anymore. There’s nothing we can do to change that fact. It doesn’t matter why he left, or whose fault it was that he left. The point is: he left. He’s gone. It’s over. Let’s move on. We have more important things to worry about.

The only topics that should be discussed re: Peppers are whether or not he’s the greatest Panther player or if he deserves to be in the ring of honor. His accomplishments on the field should be discussed, as they were an important part of Panthers football for 10 years, but the events that led to his departure - and the blame game that comes with it - don’t really need to be brought up anymore.

Everyone has an opinion on whether or not Peppers should have left the way he did. Everyone blames either Peppers or the front office for the way the situation was handled. And, everyone has voiced that opinion. A lot. It’s time to let it go. Look at it this way: if Peppers didn’t leave, we wouldn’t be able to argue over whether or not we gave Charles Johnson too much money to take his place, and why would we want to be deprived of an argument like that?

4. D-Will vs. J-Stew

Okay, this one is more recent, and at least it has some validity because both players are still on the team and can actually be compared to one another. But guys, we’ve done this about 50 million times already. It’s time to appreciate the fact that both of them are on the roster, and both of them bring something to the table that helps the team win games. We really don’t have any reason to continue arguing over which one is better. They’re both awesome. Let’s just enjoy the fact that while most teams don’t even have one good running back, we have two that are great.

We’re all friends here, and we all want the team to win as many games as possible. We all want to see the Panthers win the Super Bowl. We all have different ideas of how the team would be best prepared to do that, and a lot of those ideas hinge on the subject of which running back we should keep and which one we should let go. I get that - it makes sense. What doesn’t make sense, however, is continually arguing the same points over and over and over again. We’re the proverbial dog chasing its tail - even if we catch it, we’re still going to bite ourselves in the ass.

Both sides make good points. Both sides have logic behind their viewpoint. That’s all we can say, because neither side can convince the other to change, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s time we all figure this out and stop fighting about it, and it’s time we appreciate both of them for what they bring to the table - an awesome matrix-style touchdown celebration when either one of them puts the ball in the end zone.

5. Armanti Edwards’ role on the team

This one gets a lot of mileage because we have App. St. homers who think AE walks on water, and we have App. St. haters who think AE can’t even tie his shoes. The truth lies somewhere in the middle, even though that’s the one place that neither side - for the most part - is willing to meet. This topic is so divisive that no one can agree on anything when it’s brought up. Don’t believe me? Just ask someone about AE and see what happens. Suddenly, you’ll find yourself having this conversation:

Person 1: So do you think AE is gonna be a Panther this year?

Person 2: No, AE sucks. He’ll get cut before camp even starts to save time.

Person 1: But AE got a raw deal. He’s not that bad. In fact, if used properly he would be pretty good.

Person 2: He sucks! [RAGE BUILDING].

Person 3: Hey guys, what do you think of the Panthers’ new logo?

Person 1 & 2: WE DIDN’T GET A NEW LOGO!


Person 1: Screw you Person 3! And Person 2, your mother is overweight!

[Person 2 throws chair at Person 1, all hell breaks loose. Police are called. Person 2 goes to prison.]

Person 2: Hey, wait a minute. I know you - you’re Rae Carruth! You used to be a Panther! I’m a huge Panthers fan!

[Person 2 makes his one phone call to Person 1.]

Person 2: Hey, bro - you’ll never guess who I’m in a cell with! It’s Rae Carruth! Heck yeah, THAT Rae Carruth! Oh, by the way, can you come post my bail bro?

Person 1: Yeah man, I’ll come get you out under one condition. You have to admit AE rules!

Person 2: Hell no! AE sucks! I’ll just sit in here until my sentence is up!

Look guys, I know that we’re all passionate people about players we love (and hate). But can we please...PLEASE stop fighting about Armanti Edwards? The best thing that could have ever happened was for Hurney to pass on him, because it would have spared us from the previous 2 1/2 years of vitriol spewed from both sides of the fence.

Additionally, the "Hurney traded the #33 overall pick for Armanti" arguments need to die as well. We get it. Hurney screwed up by trading a future 2nd rounder - that he didn't know would be the #33 pick - for Armanti Edwards. There's nothing we can do about it. We can't go back and change it, so why continue to argue about it? (Hat tip to Goosecreek for pointing out my omission of this subject.)

I’m begging you...please let it go. All of you.

I’m sure there are plenty of other things that we don’t need to argue about anymore, but these five are the ones that are sitting front and center in my mind at the time of this writing. I’m asking all of you (myself included) to let these topics die, and pick new stuff to fight about. (That way, in a few months you’ll all give me the inspiration for another one of these mega-posts to write.)

Thank you for taking time to help bury these dead horses with me. If you’re one of those who needs to have drama in your life and you can’t stand the fact that we’re burying these dead horses today - trust me, we’ll have new ones before you know it.

*- Hat tip to James Dator for inspiring the title of this post.

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