Panther Paw Prints: Pre-Rookie Camp Edition


I've gathered some choice Panther-related prints from around the interwebs followed up with some general NFL links you might find interesting. You know how this we go.

NFL teams are busy signing their draft picks yet we have yet to hear anything of this nature from the Panthers:

For draft picks, contracts first, then rookie camp | & The Charlotte Observer Newspaper
"A lot of teams are getting guys done. And we’re in the process of working on it," Panthers general manager Marty Hurney said Wednesday. "Hopefully, we’re making progress. It’s a totally different process really that should move much faster."

The Panthers do everything in a deliberate fashion so this is no surprise. I expect most to be signed before the weekend starts though.

This looks to be the typical Panther draft pick view on their position with the nothing for granted as a starting job is not a birthright:

Panthers ponder Kuechly's position
"There are a lot of areas that can be difficult," Kuechly said. "It's a new system for one, and it's going to be bigger and faster. Everyone comes in wanting to be a starter, but they've got a lot of good guys here. I've got to get in here and start working, start earning the respect of the older guys and then hopefully something good happens from there. "You've got to be humble because you've got to start over again. You can't come in with an overly big head because you haven't done anything yet. You might have done all right in college, but moving forward it's a different level."

Have I mentioned I love this kid already?

A sequel? I'm still waiting on the main event from Barnidge who had his career put on hold due to injury:

Barnidge psyched for sequel
"I looked down and thought, 'That's not good,' " Barnidge said. "It happened while running around in practice. My foot got caught in the ground and didn't turn. My body kept going and just turned my ankle and dislocated it. "It was about 15 seconds of pain, and then it was just anger because I knew it was something bad."

I really think all this kid needs is a chance. Hopefully he can stay healthy.

For all the attention given Cam newton and how the lack of OTA's would affect him, it was apparently the DL that suffered:

DL aged nicely last season - Carolina Panthers - RapidReports
But through Weeks 11-15, with Frank Kearse, Jason Shirley and Ogemdi Nwagbuo joining the rotation, the defense allowed 95.6 rushing ypg. "Early, we threw a bunch of young guys to the wolves," coach Ron Rivera told

I'm not sure 'aged' is a good word here. 'Hardened' maybe? I see one of these three guys making the 53 man roster, but which one?

Now to the NFL news, this piece is all hot air in my view:

Column: NFL commissioner Roger Goodell better have goods on 'bad' Saints | & The Charlotte Observer Newspaper
But NFLPA outside counsel Richard Smith said, "It's important to note that nothing Mary Joe White said in her conference call was new or gave any evidence or insight. It was very, very improper for the league to hire a third party and then have a news conference to trumpet their findings." "They did so instead of allowing the players' association and its lawyers to assess the evidence ourselves," Smith added. We have been asked to accept what is being claimed by the NFL without seeing any credible evidence of what they are claiming."

I'm not buying the 'credibility is on the line' crap with Goodell. To do nothing or give a slap on the wrist would have been worse.

So while we have Saints players saying there is no evidence we have retired players now saying its been going on for decades:

Cris Carter On Bounties: 'I'm Guilty Of It' -

Bill Romanowski.' He told me he's gonna me out before the game, in warmups. No problem. ‘I'm gonna end your career, Carter.' No problem. I put a little change on his head before the game. Protect myself, protect my family. That's the league that I grew up in."

Carter's claims of needing protection from OGs sounds silly at best. How are they going to protect him when he is split out wide? I'm not surprised its Romanowski getting called out having been one of the dirtiest players to ever don a helmet.

The message from Goodell is simply:

Nobody asked me, but ... | & The Charlotte Observer Newspaper
Slowly, hopefully, the message will seep in. That message: "You don't have to take a dude's head off to bring him down" is a good one.

You mean all we have to do is tackle them? Wow what a concept.

Though I love me some Calvin Johnson I find his Madden cover a little boring and uninspiring. Good point here on the selected background:

PHOTO: Calvin Johnson On 'Madden NFL 13' Cover - From Our Editors -
Wondering why he's on the street outside of the stadium, rather than on the field, where it would make more sense for him to be in full pads.

Also, why have him making such a routine catch instead of one of his patented gumby one-handers down the sideline? He has plenty of plays to draw from.

We need to get used to these proclamations on an annual basis:

Is Virginia Tech QB Logan Thomas the next Cam Newton? | National Football Post
Needs to improve his overall feel for his offense and ability to work the entire field when going through his progressions.

A year after many questioned the value of the real Cam Newton now it will be a never-ending quest for the next Cam Newton. They need to give it up...he is 1 of a kind!

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