A 2006 NFL Draft Rewind: Football Outsiders Looks Back

I always enjoy these look backs and was pleased to see Panthers 2006 1st round selection RB DeAngelo Williams got some nice props even though another RB was taken #2 overall:

Conventional wisdom: Reggie Bush was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Beyond him, there were a number of quality running backs. My personal favorite was DeAngelo Williams, but others liked LenDale White or Laurence Maroney. If you wanted a bowling ball, there was also Maurice Jones-Drew. Joseph Addai was one of the few highly-regarded backs to come out of college that was probably more accomplished as a pass protector and receiver than as a rusher.

Essentially if not for MJD being taken late in the 2nd round D-Will was the best RB in this draft. They remain the only two likely to get a 1,000 yards from scrimmage this season. Okay, maybe Reggie Bush will get a 1,000 yds too if the Dolphins don't get a QB. This was a pretty good draft for the Panthers as far as picking players that stuck.

The above is the only mention of the Panther draft picks from 2006 with no mention of CB Richard Marshall (2nd round) or OT Rashad Butler (3rd round) who are both still in the league by the way. Butler was an interesting story. Never ever to get his stamina up shortly after being released by the Panthers it was learned he had some type of medical issue creating the fatigue. Once he got on a certain medication he improved and after some movement is currently on the Texans roster

Here's a guy we missed on though with that 3rd rounder:

Best value: The Broncos took a chance on an undersized defensive end who had a disappointing week at the Senior Bowl when they grabbed Elvis Dumervil with the 126th overall pick. Dumervil was tremendously productive at Louisville and immediately carried that over to the NFL with 8.5 sacks as a rookie. He's third in the class in sacks, 0.5 behind Williams and 1.0 behind Hali, but would have the lead had he not missed the entire 2010 season. Despite whiffing on McCargo, the Bills hit in the late rounds with Kyle Williams, LSU, 134th overall.

I couldn't help but point out a team that had a couple busts in the 2006, the draft guru's of New England:

Biggest bust at RB: As revealed in Michael Holley's War Room, the Patriots scouts clearly regret the fact that Ben McDaniels' experience with Maroney in Minnesota was allowed to overrule their concerns. LenDale White is almost certainly the worst running back in NFL history with an 1,100 yard season and 15 rushing touchdowns in another season. Still, the biggest bust comes to us courtesy of Matt Millen, who took Brian Calhoun in the third round, 74th overall. Calhoun could never stay healthy in the NFL and totaled 54 rushing yards and 55 receiving yards before the Lions released him after three seasons.

And then at WR:

Biggest bust at WR: Once again, Michael Holley's War Room provides context for a Patriots draft failure. In this case, it was Chad Jackson with the 36th overall pick, and Belichick chose to listen to his friend, then-Florida coach Urban Meyer, and overrule his own scouts. A friendly reminder: it's probably not a good idea to draft a college receiver who barely averages 10 yards per reception his final year. Jackson was far from the only wide receiver to flame out, though, as the Giants took Sinorice Moss eight picks later and got career production worse than older brother Santana Moss’s worst season. Third-round picks Travis Wilson, Oklahoma, 78th overall to the Browns, Brandon Williams, Wisconsin, 84th overall to the 49ers, and Willie Reed, Florida State, 95th overall to the Steelers, combined for six catches.

So Bilichick's scouts said to pass on Jackson but he over ruled them? Wait...but he's a draft genius! Just goers to show how even those considered to be guru's miss on a regular basis. Or maybe Bilichick just sux!

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