NFL Beat Writer's Mock Panther's Pick Upcoming Tomorrow

Could defensive lineman Fletcher Cox be the solution to the Panthers woes up front in recent years? via Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

I can only imagine that being on the clock in the NFL Draft would feel something akin to having a gun pointed at your head and told to solve complex Calculus (or in my case, Algebra II) problems with a time limit and people screaming in your face.

Well, here's your chance to get a feel for what that's like, though on a much less grandiose and consequential scale. organized a mock draft among beat writers from each team around the league, and is scheduled to reveal the Panthers first round pick tomorrow. The team has a definite field of prospects to choose from, as picks 1-8 were revealed Monday, with picks 9-16 coming tomorrow.

I can only imagine it will be Joe Person of the Charlotte Observer that makes the pick, and I'll go ahead and predict he'll go with DT Dontari Poe. I can definitely understand where one would be going with that pick. At the same time, I don't share that opinion.

After the Jump, we'll take a look at how previous picks worked out with a backdrop of snarky commentary.

1) Indianapolis Colts - Stanford QB Andrew Luck

Big surprise here, right?

2) Washington Redskins - Baylor QB Robert Griffin III

Hey, you don't mortgage two years of first round picks without a clear direction, do you? Besides, I don't think HC Mike Shanahan's back-to-back Super Bowl vapors could sustain him through another year of Grossman/Beck.

3) Minnesota Vikings - USC OT Matt Kalil

This is the first one that stings for Panthers fans. I mean, imagine the Kalil brothers anchoring the offensive line in Charlotte. What a dream scenario!

Fortunately, the Vikings are all but ringing the dinner bell for another team in the top 10 to give them a call and see what can be worked out. Who knows, it could be worth it to go ahead and sort out the protection of one SuperCam Newton for the foreseeable future.

I'd at least put in a call.

4) Cleveland Browns - Oklahoma State WR Justin Blackmon

Franchise Strategy - Surround QB Colt McCoy with as many weapons as you can to prove he's a bust. Hey, at least when he had nothing he had an excuse.

Glad the Panthers weren't that stubborn with Jimmy Clausen.

5) Tampa Bay Bucaneers - LSU CB Morris Claiborne

This strikes fear in my heart. Perhaps the Panthers should think about upgrading the receiving corps when their pick comes up.

6) St. Louis Rams - Alabama RB Trent Richardson

That's what I thought, sucka! Stay away from defense.

7) Jacksonville Jaguars - South Carolina DE Melvin Ingram

Yes, yes... It's lining up for us to get Coples.

8) Miami Dolphins - UNC DE Quinton Coples

Pardon me for one moment. (Man walks out of room. Door opens, then shuts. Man is heard screaming at the top of his lungs. Door opens and shuts again, then man walks back into room.) I, for one, did not see that coming.

Hope they go offense in real life, something like OT Riley Reiff would be right up their alley in my self-serving opinion.

Upcoming Panthers Pick

Okay, so I've been outspoken in my desire for the Panthers to land DE Quinton Coples, but if he ain't there - he ain't there. From this point, I'm moving to Plan B and snatching DT Fletcher Cox.

Before my final answer, I'd definitely have to take one last look at a few other guys and see if the football gods send some kind of sign, though. These guys would include LB Luke Kuechley, DT Michael Brockers, WR Michael Floyd, OG David Decastro and OT Jonathan Martin. That's probably where my list of possibles ends, but I wouldn't ostracize someone with another opinion.

With this in mind, please indicate who you would pick under these circumstances in the fan poll, and share your thoughts in the comment box.
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