Follow up from my Pre-Combine mock...

So back in late February I decided to make a CSR account and my first ever post to the site with my pre-combine panthers mock. I had us making a trade with the Bears to pick up a couple extra mid round picks, but for the sake of this follow up, I'm going to skip the trade back and use our current picks. Here's the link to my previous post, and for the lazy, i'll go ahead and paste my previous picks:

1 (from Bears) : DT Fletcher Cox - 14.5 TFL/5 sacks/ 2 blocked kicks this season in SEC

2: CB Chase Minifield - Solid corner who plays the pass AND run well.

3 (our original pick from Bears): LB Bruce Irvin - Great pass rushing LB with room for improvment. Somewhat of a project as a full time starter, but Lots of upside. 21 sacks in the last 2 seasons. After the combine, probably wont be available in the 3rd round

4: WR Joe Adams if available, or Jarius Wright - WR and ST help, both with elite speed

4 (from Bears): OL Nate Potter - Versatile lineman with good measurables. Can play G or T.

5: DE Jake Bequette - Not an elite athlete, but a high motor guy. Led SEC with 10 sacks

6: P Drew Butler - Maybe a reach here, but I dont think he'll be available in the 7th. Best punter in draft, and saves cap space from Baker being cut

7: QB Darron Thomas - Played at a very high level for the Ducks, and should be able to do the same in our current offense incase Newton is out with injury. I think of him as Newton light.

I'd be fairly happy with the above draft, but Minnifield has dissapointed a bit, maybe because of injury, or for whatever reason his 40 time isn't where it should be for a high 2nd round pick, and thus has dropped his stock. Here is my updated picks:

1. DT Fletcher Cox - I still like Cox as the top DT of the draft, and with great athletecism for a big man, can provide some pressuer, as well as clog up the run lanes for years to come.

2. CB Janoris Jenkins - We need some help in the secondary, and JJ is one of the top talents at CB. If he makes it this far, we should pull the trigger.

4. WR Joe Adams - He is elite as a PR, and showed he can play WR at the senior bowl with a big game. Instant improvement in the return game, and with some coaching could be a threat at WR

5. DE Jake Bequette - I like him in the 5th because he's a guy who plays hard from whistle to whistle. He missed 3 games, and still had 10 sacks in the SEC doesnt hurt either

6. P Drew Butler - Without a punter on the roster, why not grab a good one?

6. DE Donte Paige-Moss - What better way to help out a defense than adding pass rushers? He has talent, and physical attributes, but he needs motivation, and coaching. Could be good in rotation, and worth a late round comp pick. Could also look at LB Miles Burris as a edge rusher with this pick as well as LB depth. I'd be ok with either guy here.

7. QB Darron Thomas - I think he would do well in Chuds offense, and for a 7th rounder, would be able to sit and learn from Cam and DA

So there ya go. Not alot changed, because these guys worked out right around where i thought they would originally. I think these guys would do well in our system, and most are improvements over guys we have starting (first few picks anyway). One thing I really hate is not getting my guy Bruce Irvin, but we would have to take him with the 40th pick of the draft if we were to get him, and he is still a bit raw as a LB, and undersized to be a DE. Whoever gets him is going to have a heck of a pass rusher.

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