Tuesday Early April Blogger Musings

As we wait impatiently for the draft I’m slightly worn out from all the prognostication and so all I have at the moment is Blogger!...Musings! [queue the string music]

  • Luck vs. Newton – For those pundits who would still today pick QB Andrew Luck over Cam Newton with hesitation I ask you this: How many 1st round draft picks did Newton play with on offense in his lone Auburn (and BSC Championship season)? I’ll help: Zero and it’s not even close. How many did Luck have in his final college season? Three of course: One of the best guard prospects in a decade in David DeCastro, a solid 1st rounder in LT Jonathan Martin, and late 1st round TE Coby Fleener. Yet he still lost two games and came in second in the PAC 10. Just saying…
  • Tanneyhill Pro Day – Should we be happy he lit it up? Cleveland taking Tanneyhill at #4 is the only scenario I see that provides the Panthers a real chance for either Claiborne or Blackmon to fall. Though we would all prefer a trade back I just don’t see a player someone trade up for at #9.
  • Mayock’s Top 5 DTs – I was cruising the NFL Network last night and saw Mayock’s latest revision to his top 5 DT which now has Fletcher Cox at the top: His new top 5 with a tie at #5: Cox, Worthy, Brockers, Poe, Still & Reyes. It seems Mayock has grown appreciation for Cox’s production and likewise came back down to earth on Poe for the same issue, but a lack thereof (production). Of course the fact I picked Cox in the SBN mock draft guarantees he won’t be selected by the Panthers!

More after the jump...

  • New Panther swag with the new logo is out – Post a pic sporting it if buy something. Also, it appears the Panthers ARE revising the uniforms…stay tuned for pics
  • The non-Picks at #9 - The players I think that will prove to be worth the #9 pick but the Panthers won't select them is DeCastro, Floyd & Kueckly. This pick will tell us whether Hurney is still a BPA GM.
  • New Panther Chris Manno loves some Twitter – As James pointed out on Cat Scratch Radio last week, Manno is a twitter fiend who might has some real entertainment value to his tweets. Going by @Mann-O-Steel17 is a good start!
  • In Hurney We Trust - I wonder how much money Hurney saved the team by letting DE Antwan Applewhite and LB Jordan Senn test the free agent market? I can only assume the Panthers still provided both players their best offer; providing the perfect match of cost to value.
  • Question of Day - I have been posed this question and think my answer is what follows: Identify your team's top three needs heading into the NFL draft? Me: I don’t think free agency has changed the Panthers needs much accept for maybe the safety position if you felt it was a top need. My top 3: DL, CB, & WLB. OG & WR are a close 4 and 5. Yeah, saying DL instead of DT or DE is a bit of a cop out because I think the Panthers are looking for a passer rusher and that could come from either DE or DT spot. Thoughts?

Cheers and of course...Go Panthers!

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