Getting to Know New Panther CB Josh Norman

Since I heard his name after his outstanding sophomore year. I kind of forgot about him, mainly since he plays at Coastal Carolina. But then the combine came around and seen him working out. It hit me who this kid was. He came in measuring at 6'0 and 197 lbs. He is a very athletic corner but he does not possess lightening fast speed. He has more like average corner speed, at best slightly above average speed.

At the combine he ran a a 4.66. Which alot of people didn't like but he ran both a 4.5 and a 4.7 so you can not really call him a 4.6 guy in my opinion because that is a big gap between 4.5 and 4.7. Maybe if his two times were more like 4.62 and 4.68.

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The thing about this kid is not his speed, that impresses. It's his athleticism and his football IQ. He is a very smart corner and it really showed his sophomore season. Then afterwards he became a Chris Gamble type of person, doesn't get thrown at so by some fans he automatically sucks because he doesn't get INTs. Playing corner is not defined by INTs they are nice but I will take a guy who shuts down a the star WR and holds him to maybe 1-3 catches in the game and doesn't have an INT all season to a corner who gets 12 INTs in a season but gives up 2 TDs a game. Now Josh Norman strikes me as a guy who can be more of the shut down corner. (not saying he will be a shut down corner but he can still be really good.) Norman reminds me a lot of Asante Samuel, the corner who out smarts the QB. Yes he only played D-I AA (FCS) and not the all and mighty SEC which some of these fans base their opinions on about a draftee. But Norman understands playing corner very well and outsmarted some QBs and knows where to be at all times, he is rarely if ever out of position.

Now these were his stats during his career at Coastal Carolina.

Defense G Solo Asst. Total TFL/Yards FF FR P Def Int/Yds
2008 12 26 9 35 1 / 1 -- --
7 2 / 0
2009 11 25
18 43 1 / 5 1 -- 7 8 / 72
2010 12 38 18
56 3 / 7 1 -- 9 1 / 0
2011 11 49 13 62 2 / 5 2 -- 12 2 / 0
TOTAL 46 138 58 196 7 / 18 4 -- 35 13 / 72

Norman also had 4 blocked kicks in his career, which is pretty impressive as well. As you can see Norman had a great season his sophomore with 8 INTs along with a forced fumble and 43 tackles. A lot of people would say that was his best season but his Senior year with 62 tackles (49 solo) 2 tackles for a loss, 2 forced fumbles with 12 pass deflects and 2 INTs was a great all around season in my opinion.

Norman knows how to create turnovers, something the Panthers need on defense. He has great hands and showed that his sophomore season, probably would of had more INTs but like Gamble teams stopped throwing his way as much as they use too. But with 35 total pass deflections he knows how to get himself between the receiver and the ball. To make this kid even better, he is not afraid of contact and is a very reliable tackler against the run. He is just a very physical corner.

One last thing about the kid is he could be a Cam Newton on defense, everyone calls him cocky but his cockiness is just a sign of the confidence he has as a player. A player with confidence is a major plus so possibly could be a steal in a few years, maybe even next year show to be a steal.

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