Yo This is the Final Mock Draft

Whats up Cat Scratch? It's your boy Diamond Fang, AKA, Titanium Fur, AKA, The Mighty Paws of Hercules. Since yall are the realest community of Panthers fans I know and the only people I even consider on my level, I figured this would be the perfect place to post these sacred scrolls. But yo before I jump in to this, the God has got to get a few things of his chest, nah mean? Yo, I'm tired of all these fake analyst slash band wagon Cam fans that think anybody should take them seriously after they bashed the Panthers for taken the God with the first pick last year. That human bean bag Todd McShay aint even on the band wagon in the God's eyes nah meah? The band wagon done left dude standing there spraying his fake cologne on people. Now he is running with his little burberry suitcases and shit tryna catch up. Meanwhile CSR is driving full speed away from these fake ass fans B. Word. These self proclaimed experts can take a back seat, nah mean? We front the front seat type. We got control of the radio dials and the windows and shit. People in the back don't get seat warmers, nah mean? They get child proof locks and shit. Get these little child seat youngins' outta here... aight without further ado.

Round 1- Fletcher Cox, DT Miss. St.
Round 2- Lavonte David, OLB Nebraska
Round 3- No pick
Round 4-Dwight Bentley, CB Lousiana-Lafayette
Round 5-Tommy Streeter, WR Miami
Round 6-Randy Bullock, K Texas A&M (fuck you Olindo)
Round 7-Will Blackwell, OG LSU

There you have it. Do me a favor and don't share this shit with any of these fake want to be analyst that have been running around screaming panthers and shit since Cam set the league on fire last year. These scrolls was only built for people who been in it since 96' nah mean? Word, most of these youngins' don't even remember Sam Mills and Mark Fields. Back in 96' these youngins' facebook statuses would've been, "yo im bout to go holler at these zygotes and fertilize this egg." Word. Get outta here with that immature shit. Word up, we will make yalls go pick a switch off a switch bush and whoop you youngins' in the ass with that shit son. I don't even know why I'm waisting my time on these tiny toon bitches son. I know loyal panther subjects such as yourselves don't be socializing with these peasants, so Ima leave it at that. Aight, peace.

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