Don't believe in the Madden curse? Think again.

We all know Thursday is by far the most important day this week because of the draft ofcourse, but tommorrow in my opinion will be just as important. Tommorrow at 5:00 PM ET we will find out who will grace the cover of Madden 13. I know a lot of you on here would love to see Cam on the cover, and frankly im stunned. When there is so much evidence, ( I will elaborate in a moment) that being on the Madden cover brings nothing but disaster to the cover athletes, why on earth would you want our very first franchise QB in franchise history be on this dreaded cover? Below I am going to list each and every player that has been on the cover of Madden and how it turned out for that athlete. So sit back and enjoy.

Barry Sanders; Madden 2000. While Barry Sanders wasn't the exclusive athlete on the cover of Madden 2000, he was pictured in the background. What became of Barry Sanders? Before the game was even released Sanders shocked the football world by announcing retirement in 1999, some say this is where the curse began.

Eddie George; Madden 2001. In 2000 the year prior to George appearing on the cover he had a career year with 1,962 rushing yards and 16 TDs. So how did Eddie George do the year following being the cover athlete for Madden? He rushed for less than a 1,000 for the first time in his career and scored just 5 TDs, he never averaged more than 3.4 yds per game in any season since being on the Madden cover. Verdict? CURSED.

Daunte Culpepper; Madden 2002.

After a fantastic 2000 season, Culpepper struggled in 2001. He passed for 14 TDs and 13 interceptions before hurting his knee in week 13 and sitting out the rest of the season. Culpepper then threw a career-worst 23 interceptions in the 2002 season and his career went downhill from there including multiple knee injuries. Verdict? CURSED.

Marshall Faulk; Madden 2003. The Rams offense was dominant in 2001, but an ankle injury slowed the All-pro Faulk and the Rams' offense suddenly becamse less of a threat. Faulk ran for just 953 yards in 14 games and went from 14-2 in 2001 to 7-9 in 2002. In 2003 Faulk played a career-low 11 games and starting having knee problems that would end his career for good in 2005. Verdict? CURSED.

Michael Vick; Madden 2004. Does this one even need a description. Michael Vick broke his leg in a pre season game and was later convicted of a dog fighting ring and sent to jail.

Verdict? What do you think?

Ray Lewis; Madden 2005. After a strong season in 2003, Lewis had an average season in 2004 and failed to make the playoffs for the first time in four years. Lewis also missed the final game of the season in 2004 with a wrist injury and played a career-low six games in 2005. Verdict? CURSED.

Donovan Mcnabb; Madden 2006. In 2004 Mcnabb led the Eagles to the Super Bowl. But the following season in 05 was a disaster. He had multiple injuries, including a sports hernia that led to the end of his season after just 9 games. In 2006 Mcnabb tore his ACL and played just 10 games. Verdict? CURSED.

Shaun Alexander; Madden 2007. Shaun Alexander set the record for TDs at the time (28 TDs) and led the Hawks to the Super Bowl in 2005. In 2006 he fractured his foot and ran for just 896 yards and seven touchdowns after playing only 10 games. Verdict? CURSED.

Vince Young; Madden 2008.After his rookie season Vince Young appeared on the cover in 2006. He suffered a true sophmore slump the following year. In 2007 Young had only 9 TD passes and 17 interceptions. On the ground, Young rushed for 157 fewer yards, his Yards Per Carry dropped 1.5, and he scored just three rushing touchdowns after having seven his rookie year. In his first postseason game, Young threw for 138 yards with no touchdowns and one interception, while rushing for just 12 yards, in a 17-6 loss to San Diego. In 2008, Young wound up playing just three games, starting one.

Brett Favre; Madden 2009. In his final season with Green Bay in '07, Favre threw 28 TD passes and 15 interceptions. Acquired by the Jets in the summer of 2008, Favre started well; in Week 4 he threw a personal best six touchdowns against the Cardinals. By Week 12 the Jets had an 8-3 record, but missed the playoffs after losing four of their final five games, in which Favre threw nine interceptions and only two touchdown passes, bringing his season total to 22 of each. It was later revealed Favre had been playing with a torn biceps tendon late in the season. Verdict? CURSED.

Troy Polamalu and Larry Fitzgerald; Madden 2010.Polamalu finished the 2008 season with a career-high seven interceptions and led the Steelers defense to its second Super Bowl victory in four years. Late in the first half of the Steelers-Titans 2009 season opener, Polamalu, who was having an All-Pro first half, suffered a sprained MCL in his left knee after 262-pound Titan Alge Crumpler fell on his leg. Polamalu played in just four more games for the season. Although Fitzgerald posted lower receiving yards (1,092) in 2009 after consecutive 1,400-yard seasons, he managed to score a career-high 13 TDs. However, much like with Eddie George, Fitzgerald's following season ended with a career-low in TDs (six). Verdict? DOUBLE CURSED.

Drew Brees; Madden 2011. Coming off a season that brought the Saints their first Super Bowl victory, Brees managed to throw for the second-highest total yardage in his career (4,620) in 2010 and was one touchdown shy of tying his career high (33). He did, however, throw a career-worst 22 INTs, 18 being the previous high. Although Brees made it through the whole season, he did admit to having played through a troublesome tear in his knee. The Saints also suffered a stunning defeat to Seattle (7-9) in their Wild Card Playoff game, through no fault of Brees though, who completed 39-of-60 passes for 404 yards and two TDs. One could argue Brees broke the curse. Unless, of course, he follows the delayed-curse likes of Eddie George and Larry Fitzgerald. Also just recently the Saints have been caught in the bountygate scandal which revealed the Saints defense had a bounty program which rewarded players when they injured opposing teams and Drew Brees still remains in limbo and still has not signed a new contract with the team. Verdict? CURSED.

Peyton Hillis; Madden 2012. Peyton Hillis struggled mightily after gracing the cover of the most recent Madden. Starting with strep throat, then turned into lackluster on the field production and injuries. His season was a disaster. Verdict? CURSED.

Hopefully breaking it down year by year like this will make a lot of you realize why I am so against Cam being on the cover. I am not a person that believes in curses, but how in the world do you explain something bad happening to EVERY player that has graced the cover of Madden? How? Put that in perspective. 100% of players that have appeared on the Madden cover has had something terrible happen to them. 100%. That is astonishing! I wish I could explain it, I realy do. How any true Panther fan can support Cam being on the cover of Madden is beyond me. I know I say a lot of crazy things but I am such a believer in this that I will lower my expectations for us as a team going into next season. You just can't argue with the facts and stats. And if Cam is on the cover, I pray and hope I am wrong. Believe me. Let me end it on this. If someone told you that driving over a bridge resulted in a car accident 100% of the time, would you still drive over that bridge?

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