48 Hrs To Go... What Did the Rumors Look Like in 2011?

We're hitting the final stretch. The last, frantic, rumor filled hours before we find out who the next stars of tomorrow will be. As in all years we're getting inundated with the last second rumors that throw fans for a loop. The latest ones stem around a few players:

  • Fletcher Cox is so hot right now teams are exploring trading up to #5 to get him
  • Mark Barron will go in the top 15 picks
  • Michael Floyd will be taken before Justin Blackmon
  • Kendall Wright will not get taken before the second round

Personally, all four of the above statements are laughable to me. So to ensure I wasn't just looking at this with too much cynicism I thought I'd go back over the last two years to examine the draft rumors two days out, and see just how much misinformation was flying around.

The aim of this isn't to single out a single analyst or outlet, so I wont be attributing quotes to anyone- this is purely to give a sense of what kind of rumors we're hearing now, and how much gravity we should give them.

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Here are my favorite five from 4/26/11 (Two days before the 2011 draft)

"Several league sources said the Titans are high on Dalton and consider him to be an elite prospect who carries less of the varied risk of other quarterbacks in this draft. One source indicated the offensive coaches in Tennessee are pushing for Dalton"

Yeah... the Titans loved Andy Dalton. They were over the moon for him. So Tennessee passed on him and selected Jake Locker.

"the Houston Texans plan to try to trade up for Patrick Peterson or Von Miller."

Remember when the Texans gave up their entire draft for one of these defensive players? Oh... wait

"The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will select a CB to replace Aqib Talib"

They passed on Jimmy Smith and took Adrian Clayborn.

"BREAKING: Arizona and Washington are discussing trades with Denver to move up to No. 2 overall to select Blaine Gabbert"


Okay... so I think we proved that this time last year there was a hilarious amount of misinformation around the top ten, but what about in 2010? Did we see the same rumors this close to the draft?

"South Florida wide receiver Carlton Mitchell is a "hot name" to watch in the second round of the draft. Apparently, people think that his upside and value in that round is better than taking Dez Bryant in the first round."

They thought so much of him they let him sit until the 6th round!

"The 49ers believe they have their guy in Jimmy Clausen"

I wish they did.

"The Pittsburgh Steelers are discussing a trade that would send Ben Roethlisberger to the St. Louis Rams for the #1 overall pick"

I... I just... I... hilarious that we every really talked about this- rape allegations or not.

The moral of this story: Be careful what you believe in the days leading up to the draft.

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