My Mock. Going to go out on a limb.



I am going to take a risk and join in with sharing my mock, although the I am sure it will not be popular, but life can be more rewarding sometimes when you put yourself out there and take a risk. This is my first attempt ever at a mock, and I have learned a lot over the last year from all those that contribute here, so thanks.

I know that many will offer that this is not the impact player that RR has said he and Hurney will draft because he would play out of position or that a true Will LB can be had in the 2nd round. I understand that, but I just feel like this player could be the best impact defensive rookie to step on the field in 2012. Possible Defensive Rookie of the Year , and perennial Pro Bowler. To me you do not pass up on that. As long as Claiborne does not slide to us then:

With the 9th pick of the draft Carolina takes Luke Kuechly.

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My next selection is to bring another strong contributor to the Dline. This player has the body and skill set to play tackle in the 4-3 and also DE in the 3-4. Is great at holding the point of attack, and has the speed and athleticism to become a good pass rusher when coached up in the NFL.

With the 40th selection Carolina takes Kendall Reyes.


With the next selection RR and Hurney focus on Oline help or CB, and look at BPA. Brandon Brooks a 343lb 6'5" Guard is available , along with Trumaine Johnson a 210 6'3" CB with 4.61 speed and good press coverage skills. Both players are good value at 104 and are rated as top 100 players. Hurney and RR decide that it is time to turn their attention to giving Cam some love here. I also feel like with the improved pass rush and the addition of Hogan across from Gamble our CB situation will be much improved this year, so I will look for adding CB depth later.

With the 104th pick Carolina selects a beast for the Oline , Brandon Brooks.


In the fifth round I can see if a quality CB slips in the draft like a Chase Minnifield or Jamell Fleming, then those will be good value. Of the two Minnifield has the speed and good ball skills, but Fleming has more upside and is the better tackler. Given our need for better tackling in the secondary I would lean towards Fleming. The other possibility I could see the Panthers going early and securing Bryan Anger the truly make our special teams special.

Fifth round selection Jamell Fleming


In the sixth round if Anger was not selected in the fifth, I could see Drew Butler taken here. In the sixth and seventh round more Oline and special teams depth added or possibly a project back up QB like Russell Wilson.

Sixth round

Russell Wilson

Drew Butler


Who knows what our needs will be here. I will go with Special teams depth and take an 4-3 OLB that can contribute on ST's

Well there it is. My Mock Cherry has been busted. Please be gentle. Can't wait till Thursday!

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