So What Happens After the Draft?

As GM's scramble to add those players they consider as camp bodies or diamonds in the rough or even the guy's that fell between the cracks because of injury or charactor concerns. I'd thought I'd try and see if I could do an acceptable job as a GM and fill the needs that we might have missed in the Draft.

First and formost I'd like to say that everyone who participated in the CSR mock draft did an awesome job and I really enjoyed reading every bit of it. Kind of bumed that the Panthers didn't draft Brandon Hardin but tarheels24 did a great job filling the rest of are needs.

So any who I have researched a couple of prospects that I thought would make great Panthers. My first one comes from Portland State University, the school that produced Jordon Senn, another Linebacker with that same underdog, overachiever mentallity. He's a defensive leader and a three year starter at MLB. Heres Ryan Rau.

Season by Season Stats: 6'1 230lbs/ 40:4.65/ Bench:28/ Vertical:36.5/ Broad:10'03




2008-22T/Only played 3 games.

A productive high motor/high charactor leader who can find the ball and make the play. He's not speedy of flashy but he gets the job done. Quality Special Teamer and rotatioal player.

My next prospect also comes from PSU. He's a really great player who has struggled with personal tragedy for much of his college carreer so he dosen't have the numbers that scout's want but his raw potential is worth a camp invite to start to groom him for the future on the practice squad. Heres the back story on Myles Wade DT. A former 5 Star recruit coming out of high school, the top DT prospect in 2007, was Oregon's #1 recruit that year but academic failure forced him to go to Western Arizona were he became a Second Team All American. The next year he was asked to focus just on school by the Ducks to preserve his last 3yrs of his College carreer. So he transfered back home and went to Portland Comunitty College in 2008. While home Myles mother was diagnosed with Brain Cancer. Ties became strained with the Ducks as they thought he would not Graduate on time so he decommited in December. Shortly thereafter his mother passed away. He then committed to Texas Tech and after some struggles with coaching changes, playing time and needing to help out his father and little sister who has down-syndrome. During this time his grandmother passed away. He enrolled in college part time and continued to help his father out . When his father remarried and making sure his baby sister was taken care of Myles enrolled at PSU to reawaken the inner football player that was in him. In his one lone season of actual playing time he made 30T/4TFL/1PD/2 Blocked Kicks and 2 sacks. At his Pro-Day he showed the Beast that is inside by benching 225lbs 42 times, Running a 40 of 5.05, oh did I mention that he is 6'1 and 310lbs, his vertical is 35.5 and did the 3-cone drills in 7.59 seconds.

So why you ask do I consider Wade a great prospect. Well it is simply that when life dealt him blow after blow he came right back and and showed the man he was. He never quit or gave up his NFL dream beside's he is in Dallas working out with Detriot Lions DT Ndamakong Suh, former teammate and friend and a host of other NFL hopefuls. He's raw power that needs to be molded and the Panther's should be the ones to do it.

Before I get to my last prospect I'd like to ask CSR members a question. I have just had ACL reconstruction surgery using Allograft Tissue, Deceased Donar, and now I wonder if a ZombieApocolipes happens am I already Zombie proof or not. My supposed zombie expert brother-inlaw says im not I say i am. Any way sorry for getting of subject here.

My last prospect played in little known Div 2 school Western Oregon, the school that produced Kevin Boss. He was a College LT who projects better as a Center in the NFL. Heres Jason Slowey.

Bench-28 40-5.06 Vertical-27.5 Hand-9.75 Arm-33.2 Wing-77 3-Cone Drill-7.22 GNAC OffensiveLineman of the Year 2011, 14th Best Center Prospect 2012 Draft, 2 Sport College Athelete: Football and Indoor/Outdoor Track and Field

Good Sized, Long Armed College OLT who Engages Quickly, Plays Aggressively and Flashes the Nastiness NFL Line Coaches love to see. Has Moldable Atheletic Ablility. Has played every position on the OLine in college but mostly at LT. A poormans Andy Levtre of the Buffalo Bills. 8 NFL Teams attended his Pro-Day including Lovie Smith of the Bears who has expressed interest in this small school prospect.

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