CSR Reader Mock: 3rd round

Let's get this thing done within the hour! Keep up the good work guys. Fun night.

A quick recap of the rules:


  • Draft will start at 8 p.m. Eastern Friday night and go for 3 rounds that night. It will start again Saturday afternoon at 2 and go until we finish. I am open to moving up this time to 12 or 1 if enough people wanted to.
  • For the 1st and 2nd round everyone will have 4 minutes to make their pick, if you agree to a trade in that time then there will be 1 extra minute added on for the team that traded into that pick as it assumed you will know who you want at that spot. For the 3rd on you will have 3 minutes.
  • I will be keeping clock manually and will post who is on the clock and how much time you have left.


  • Based on some talk with people who have done this, as well as my own experiences, we will be enforcing a trade limit in the draft. Before the draft feel free to trade as you wish, but in the draft you will be allowed only 3 trades. We made this rule for a couple reasons. One, not many teams ever trade more than that in a draft and two, it really gets congested in the draft when everyone is trading continuously and we are having to try to change the board and keep the draft going smoothly. The 3 trade rule will go into effect 2 hours before the draft starts, so at 6 p.m. Friday night any trades you make will count as one of your 3. After the draft that night and up to again 2 hours before Saturday's portion starts, you can make unlimited trades.
  • Piggybacking on the last bullet, if you wish to trade in the 5th-7th rounds you must agree to it before we start the 5th. This rule can be changed if enough people feel otherwise.
  • I said in the first post that you are allowed to trade one player from your team. This is still in effect. It is a new thing that I haven't seen tried where I was involved before so please try to be as fair as possible about it. I trust y'all.
  • Also as with before, please email me any trades as well as posting them in the threads. The way you have been including the values has been a great help as well.
  • Also keep in mind you cannot trade comp picks.
  • Remember that all trades need to be within 200 value points. I will provide the link to the chart in the comments.


  • Once we are live we will be asking everyone to make comments without using a subject line, this helps keep picks, trades, and on the clock notices easily visible as these will be the only things posted in the subject line.
  • Please feel free to bring in assistants or seek the advice of other SB sites. The hope is to be realistic if possible and we also want to have everyone here.
  • If possible please email a full BPA to me so that if you are not able to be here for the full time we don't have too much of a hang-up drafting for you. At least send a top 10 per round if you can.

The content of these posts are those of the user/fan making the post only

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