How the Panthers Should Learn From Others- 2007 Draft

As a pass catcher this photo sums up Ginn's career. (Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images)

We're getting closer folks- 2007. We've now looked at four players, none of whom lived up to their potential. These should all be good learning experiences for the Carolina Panthers. This year we look at one of the legendarily awful drafts in NFL history, where the Miami Dolphins selected so poorly they're still recovering.

1.9 Miami Dolphins- Ted Ginn Jr., WR, Ohio State
Projected mid-1st round pick
Other than Matt Millen picking another WR in Calvin Johnson (hey, that didn't work out too badly) the biggest shock in the top-ten was the Miami Dolphins passing on basically every solid prospect on the board to reach for Ginn Jr, who by their own admission would be little more than a PR/KR. The thought was that Ginn would transform their ST unit, and in time could become a devastating receiver who could stretch the field. They ended up passing on Patrick Willis, Darrelle Revis, Jon Beason and Dwayne Bowe- to name a few.

Where the Dolphins went right: At least they knew their ST unit sucked.

Where the Dolphins went wrong: Ginn Jr. was drafted on the prospect of what he could become, rather than the player he was. At Ohio State he didn't display the best hands, or very good route running- but the idea was that he could beat anyone with speed.

End result: Ginn is now a special teams standout for the San Francisco 49ers, but never worth a top-ten pick.

How the Panthers could make the same mistake: This could be exactly replicated if the Panthers took WR Stephen Hill with the 9th overall pick. There's no doubt Hill has uncanny physical abilities, but he's not a complete receiver. In the 20's, or in the second round he's worth the risk, but in the top 10 this would be draft suicide based solely on how much development Hill needs, just like Ted Ginn Jr. needed.

The second round after the jump

2.40 Miami Dolphins- John Beck, QB, BYU
Projected 5th round pick
I remember this pick well because it was met with raucous laughter by the New York Jets fans in the audience. John Beck was drawing silly comparisons to Chad Pennington leading up to the draft, but those who watched film saw a player who resembled Pennington after three shoulder surgeries, and with none of the intangibles.

Where the Dolphins went right: They didn't draft Dwayne Jarrett

Where the Dolphins went wrong: The Dolphins let the NFL know they were desperate to find a QB, but elected to pass on Brady Quinn at #9. They then tried to trade back into the 1st round after he fell to #20, but to no avail. When Quinn was taken, and then Kevin Kolb was selected the Dolphins freaked out and took Beck out of desperation.

End result: Floundering around the Redskins organization Beck will play ‘who gets cut?' with Rex Grossman when RGIII is drafted.

How the Panthers could make the same mistake: If the Carolina Panthers decide to pass on a DT in the first round in the hopes to get one in the second round we could see this scenario. I believe we'll see a huge chasm between the1st DT and the 2nd off the board, which will prompt many to think there will be a great prospect at the 40th pick. There is a chance we could see a huge run on DTs between picks 25-40 that could thin out the talent on the board. If out of desperation the Panthers reached for a DT like Mike Martin or Billy Winn they would come to regret it.

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