Another 7 Round Mock Draft??

Yes, absolutely. Except this is the dream scenario. This is how it would wind up if all the stars aligned next week.. So without further ado, here it is:

1.9 DT Fletcher Cox- I watched his tape against a few SEC teams about a month ago. I didnt dislike him as a prospect, but I definitely wouldn't have been comfortable forking up a top 10 pick for him. After watching other prospect on our radar, what can I say.. he grew on me?? Hes no doubt a top 10 talent in this class after more "film evaluation". Hes not Suh strong or McCoy explosive, but hes strong, very quick, can anchor against the run, and be an elite pass rusher with his hand usage from the DT spot . What more do you need from a DT?

2.40 CB Janoris Jenkins- Many mocks are somehow letting him slip until the latter phases of the second round. Thats just ridiculous. Jenkins is the best CB in this draft. Period. Dont get me wrong, Mo Claiborne is a hell of a prospect and is well worthy of a top 10 pick, but Jenkins is the better cover corner. Talk about all the off the field stuff you want, but as a player on the field, his pro potential is through the roof. As a UGA fan, I sat and watched him do something I'd never thought could be done: he held AJ Green in check. He did the same to various other future pros (Jones, Jeffrey, Childs pre injury) in his final stint at UF. He can play in virtually any D and obviously can hold his own against the big athletic type, despite his limited size. The scary thing is that hes actually gotten much faster in the past year and it shows in his play. I personally think it was just the weed smoke slowing him down, but lets not get into that.. Overall, I think he'll be Asante Samuel 2.0 with more top end speed and I'd be highly disappointed if we're listening to all this extra crap coming out about him.

4.104 OLB Nigel Bradham- LB depth with this pick. Also, he could potentially start at either MLB or OLB if there were an injury at either position. If nothing else, hes a great athlete to further solidify STs.

5.143 WO Tommy Streeter- He needs to develop his route running skills and add overall polish to his game, but his upside is too much to pass up on at this point

6.180 TE James Hanna- Impressive TE prospect ran a blazing 4.5 at the combine at 6'4 255. We'll see if he'd be available at this point in real life, but alot of mocks have him around this area. No real risk picking this late, we could have he and Barnidge duke it out in training camp to see whose the #2 TE.

6. 207 CB/PR Cliff Harris- 2 years ago, he was considered a 1st rounder. I know 2 years ago is 2 years ago, but if nothing else he could be our antidote at punt returner. Hes electric in the open field.

7.216 P Drew Butler- One of the outstanding punters is bound to drop here. and.. umm,,,, we need a P.

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