How Much Will The Panthers Improve This year?

I am writing this in order to validate my win expectations, Feel free to disagree in the comments or if you have anything to add, I won't be offended either way.How much they improve this year will directly affect how many games they win this year obviously. So lets look at some things they will/have/should be improved on after the jump..

  • First the defense.

We have a couple of key players on defense coming back. First is Davis. He is determined to play football, however we can't realistically depend on it. He has however and will continue to be a driving voice in getting his teammates into a winning mindset. Now we have Beason coming back. I totally think Beason will be 100% when he plays this year. I don't care who says that type of injury left others less than 100%, he looked like he wasn't in any pain in the video someone posted here. Beason has the same kind of heart Davis has and will motivate his teammates. We have Fua and McClain with a year of experience now in the nfl. That has to be at least a little bit of improvement. We also will have Ron Edwards coming off injury. From what I hear, he isn't the best but he is an improvement on the 2 rookies I just mentioned. If he is an improvement on them, it has to make the team improve. We have Nakamura that was signed in free agency and some say he could take a starting spot at safety. If he does, that will be an improvement. We have Hogan coming off 2 or 3 games from last season. He had those 3 or so games to acclimate to the NFL.

  • Now for the offense.

We have Otah coming back healthy from what I have heard. They say he is healthy and lost some weight. That will be an improvement. We will have Tolbert for a fullback, he is an improvement. I really can't think of anyone else on offense that will be an improvement. I am sure all of you up to date members here will tell me what I am missing

Okay so we have those improvements to the team. Last year we won 6 games without those improvements and could have just as easily won 2 or 3 more if not for a bad call, a blunder on a play, or a bad time out call.

  • In comes more improvements.

Our team had no off season last year. Every player on our team had to learn an entirely new to them playbook. They had to learn most of it during the regular season. Last year at this time Newton didn't even know where he would be playing, this year he has already had a day (maybe 2 now) of working with the team. Last year at this time none of the rest of the team had a play book yet. Now the entire team has had a day (maybe 2 now) of working with the entire rest of the team. Last year we had all new coaches, and the head coach a rookie head coach. This year the coaches know more about what direction the team wants to go in.

Now I know a lot of you are going to say "but every other team in the NFL had no off season last year to practice". And to that I say, all the "good" teams that people say will be tough for us this year already knew all their play books last year. They had all already played together. They all had their coaches to guide them through the previous year.

  • But wait there is more!!!

They added more than just Tolbert and Nakamura to the offense and defense. They added those 2 to our special teams units also. I believe I read that they added another 1 or 2 besides those 2 but I can't recall the names now (again, I am sure some of you can name them in comments). Our special teams were a disaster last year, and from what I read we got some top guys from other teams special teams. That has to improve the ST a little at least.

Now think about those things, and add a top 10 draft pick to the team.

These are all reasons that I will not be happy unless we have a winning record going into the bye week, and at the season half.

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