Mock Draft from a Hospital Bed

So after a weekend charity game of Flag Football against my local High School football team I find I'm in need of my 3rd ACL/MCL surgery. Plus I toar my inner Quadricp. So now I'm totally bored and in need of something to do since I can't sleep. So I decide why not do a Mock Draft for the 1000 time and see how many people read it. So I will blame all mispelled words and grammer errors on the morphine even though I know I just suck at both.

So for my first pick in this here draft I'm going to select Quinton Coples DE, North Carolina. I know there is alot of negative's with him but unlike college he will be playing for a paycheck so that should be plenty of motovation to get his lazy butt up and play at the level we all know he can play at.

For my second pick I'm going to select Jeff Otah's eventual replacement Amini Silatola OG/OT Midwestern State. He's insurance if Otah can't make it a full season and can play in the inter if Otah does. I know he's from a small college and needs time to develop but he is a future Pro Bowler in the making.

Round 4 I'm going with the Pack and selecting Terrell Manning OLB, North Carolina State. Sucessor to TD who can help spell him reps so there is a better likely hood of him making it a full season.

Now I'm coming to the rounds that are harder to predict because most of these players get over drafted. So for are 5th round selection's I'd chose one of three canidates. First choice Danny Coale WR/PR, Virginia Tech. Quality slot receiver and punt returner to compete with AE and Pilares. Second choice Robert Blanton CB, Notre Dame. Smart, coachable and with good ball reaction and solid tackler. Can also play Safety. Bryan Anger P, Cal. I know it's a little earler for a Punter but he's rated as a 4th to 5th rounder and is the safe pick when it comes to Punters.

In the 6th round since we have to picks one should be Brandon Hardin S/CB Oegon State. Home state bias plus he has very high upside beacause of his size/strength/speed. For the second pick we should use it on Chase Ford TE, Miami. Shockey and Olsen were Miami products and they worked out well last year, plus we have insurance incase GB can't stay healthy. Other considerations are Joe Long OT, Wayne State, Akiem Hicks DT, Regina, Shawn Loiseau MLB, Merrimack.

Are last pick should be used either on the best availbe punter if we had not picked one already or a solid special teams player that could also rotate in the lineup incase the injury bug bites.

So there ends my bordom mock draft. I'm pretty sure I'll be duped up for the next couple days but I look foward to reading your comments later in the week.

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