Draft Patterns 2007-2011


Looking back to this time last year it seems there is less certainty on who and what position we should draft this year as compared to 2011. Granted, coming off a 2-14 season with the number one overall pick will cause your focus to shift to the immediate high-impact commodity. This year it seems there are four top positions that we are scrambling to justify through mock drafts and explanations. Heck, I've read articles that had me convinced at some point or another that 15 different players should be our pick at #9 over the past couple months.

Rather than try to explain why *insert player's name here* should be the pick I thought I'd have some fun and see what patterns we can find for these four positions based on the past five years Top 10 picks.

Defensive End - Aldon Smith-2011, Tyson Jackson-2009, Chris Long-2008, Vernon Gholston-2008, Derrick Harvey-2008, Gaines Adams-2007 and Jamaal Anderson-2007

Defensive Tackle - Marcel Dareus-2011, Ndamukong Suh-2010, Gerald McCoy-2010, Tyson Alualu-2010, BJ Raji-2009, Glenn Dorsey-2008, Sedrick Ellis-2008 and Amobi Okoye-2007

Linebacker - Von Miller-2011, Rolando McClain-2010, Aaron Curry-2009, Keith Rivers-2008 and Jerod Mayo-2008

Wide Reciver - AJ Green-2011, Julio Jones-2011, Darius Heyward-Bey-2009, Michael Crabtree-2009, Calvin Johnson-2007 and Ted Ginn Jr.-2007

Based on these top 10 picks some facts begin to emerge.

Position a Top 10 pick was used on the most - Defensive Tackle

Position a Top 10 pick was least used on - Linebacker

Position that has sent the most Top 10 picks to the Pro Bowl - 3-way tie at two each. Defensive Tackles Ndamukong Suh (each of his first two years) and BJ Raji (once), Wide Receivers AJ Green (once in first year) and Calvin Johnson (twice) and Linebackers Von Miller (once in first year) and Jerod Mayo (once).

Position that has sent the least Top 10 picks to the Pro Bowl - Defensive End, the Top 10 picks over the past five years have all been absent.

Position with the most players no longer with original team - Defensive End at three (Vernon Gholston, Derrick Harvey and Jamaal Anderson). Two of these ends have suited up for three teams so far, Harvey and Anderson.

*Honorable Mention: out of the 5 linebackers taken in the top 10 two have been traded.

Does this give more insight into who the Panthers will select with the ninth pick? Not at all. It is interesting to draw conclusions from these patterns though. I would say the biggest thing that jumps out to me is the DE picks at the top are as much of a crapshoot as the QB position. Also, it seems WR and DT have a tendency to put out multiple Top 10 picks the most. This tells me that in recent years these are the positions, besides QB, that more teams are wanting a plug-n-play immediate impact player at.

Did I miss something CSR Panther fans? Do you notice any other patterns in the past few years of Top 10 picks?

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