Lafell, Gettis or Rookie at WR#2?

Assuming that Blackmon will be off the board at number 9, do you think that there is a rookie that could de-throne either Gettis or LaFell for that number two spot opposite Smith? After the jump, I will talk about the rookie wide receivers coming in and how they compare to Gettis or LaFell.

This is all assuming that Blackmon is off the board at nine considering that most teams from picks 3-8 (Luck and RG3 are going 1 and 2 without a doubt) need a WR.

Michael Floyd:

First off, even though Floyd has visited with the Panthers, there is no way the Panthers reach for him at #9. The only way the Panthers get Floyd is if they trade back which I find highly unlikely considering most teams want to move up to get a specific player and at #9, the pick depends on the other teams. All this considered, Michael Floyd is an extremely talented prospect that I wouldn't mind having opposite Smitty. And I don't think Cam would mind all that much either. Floyd has both the stats and the measurables to be a legitimate contender for the number two receiver.

Kendall Wright:

Kendall Wright is a guy that I'm not too high on. And I don't think the Panthers are either, since they haven't brought him in for a visit. I feel like Wright is more of a product of RG3 than anything else. Plus, the way Wright measures in at 5 foot 10 inches, he's a lot like Steve Smith, and while Smitty's around, the Panthers are probably looking for a bigger guy.

Alshon Jeffery:

This is probably the most realistic guy for us to get. Jeffery could be there at that number 40 spot, and if he is, I hope the Panthers jump on him. Jeffery fits the ballot as a big, playmaking receiver that really helps cam. Jeffery is already a Carolina guy and would fit in perfect in Chudzinski's system.

Brandon LaFell:

In his 6 starts last season, LaFell managed to amass 613 yards and 3 touchdowns. LaFell was a guy that I think Cam really hit it off with. LaFell started to show some promise and gave us a glimpse at the future that could be in store. I think LaFell could really burst out next year and have around 900 yards and 7 touchdowns.

David Gettis:

Gettis is often forgotten considering the season ending injury he suffered before the season. As a 6th round rookie, Gettis obtained 508 receiving yards and 3 touchdowns. While this might not sound like much, you have to remember he had a carousel of QB's throwing to him in the likes of Clausen, Moore, and St. Pierre. Gettis is another big target that could really help the Panthers. However, Gettis worries me because nobody knows how fit he is to play and if he can even perform at a high level. Gettis also really missed out since he couldn’t really build a good relationship with Cam on the field last year. He will be interesting to watch.

With all five of these options, I would have LaFell be my #2 guy. LaFell is poised to break out and could have a great year. Gettis is just too unreliable coming off his injury. I think if the Panthers get Jeffery, I would be excited to see him with Smitty too. I just don't think Wright is right for the Panthers and Floyd is a reach at #9 and won't be there at #40. I think the panthers need to find another receiver in either the 4th or 5th round, depending on whether they get Jeffery or not. With all that said, Pilares could always be ready to step up too. Just don't give the ball to Armanti Edwards!

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