The Road to Hell is Paved With Black and Gold... and YouTube

YouTube has taken me to some dark places in my life. Whether it's staying up until 4AM glued to the top 10 appraisals in the history of Antiques Roadshow, or annoying my wife with the ridiculous brilliance of Rugrats Dubstep it tends to get its tenterhooks into me in a way few mediums can. So when a Panthers' fan on twitter tells me to check out a video, I'm intrigued. What I found was a circle of hell Dante Alighieri couldn't discover- it's a place where the New Orleans Saints and Minnesota Vikings lunatic fringes meet a YouTube comment section.

Obviously the subject matter speaks for itself, but the comments are where I'd really like to focus. What happened was two groups of fans who had a contest to see who could 'out-stupid' each other. The result is something akin to 'The Departed' if none of the characters could conjugate a verb. This is an examination of those comments- names have been hidden to protect the stupid.

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To prove I'm not aiming to solely beat down a division rival lets kick it off with a Vikings fan, and his eloquent take on 'bountygate'.

love the way saints fans totaly denie cheating it is so plan to see and then they talk about other players from different teams doing the same and not getting done,there plenty of prof,greg williams kept a book of payments with names in and the GM and head coach knew about it and lied to the nfl about it and when told to stop it they dident so blame yourselfs saints,you malaicely went out there to end players carrers for an extra few thousand buck,so get over it and exsept it you did it

I agree sir, it is plan to see. This gentleman has decided to employ the age old rhetorical technique of appealing to the 'every man' while never taking a breath; well played sir.

I think the bounty is pretty damn awesome. It gives players incentive to play the game the way its supposed to be played, VERY PHYSICAL. Only if the hits are legal and not to purposely injure someone. If it's a tough, solid, legal blow and a player gets hurt SO WHAT? it's your job. putting on that helmet means that injury is a risk you're willing to take to get the job done. (expletive) goodell and his rules. he's turning the nfl into a powderpuff league.

A lot to like here too. This fellow opted to present his argument like a toothpaste ad.

Offering the protection for teeth to be brushed the way they're supposed to be brushed- avoiding, GINGIVITIS

Perhaps it's some kind of Louisiana vernacular, but I wasn't sure what I 'powderpuff league' was, so I Googled it and only got a photo of a tufted Syrian hampster. I'm with this guy... (expletive) that hamster loving Goodell.


Agree its rigged! Mike Vick always takes violent hits like this.NFL GOT SOFT TO PROTECT FAKE WHITE QB!


Soft..Favre..check ur facts..when a Senior in college he wrecked his mothers concusion and broken ribs on top of having emergency remove his Gallbladder 4 weeks later he guide Southern to a bowl win..Like or dislike Favre, but a tough QB

I'm glad we have a sensible QB like Cam Newton. He'd never do something dumb like wreck his mother's concusion.

At the end of the day the bounty scandal has taught me the need to respect the game, and avoid YouTube comments at all costs. That being said, I agree with one user's perfectly phrased sentiment.


I do too sweet prince, I do too.

Not sure if I should thank him for this personal hell, but @sdanner52 for pointed me to this facepalm-fest.

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