Panthers May Have Competition In Trade Back Scenario

Panthers GM Marty Hurney, here represented by immortal TV dad Al Bundy, has been all about value this offseason. Could that approach carry over into the NFL Draft, and see the team jockey back for additional picks?

I just read this article on, and thought to myself, "We may have to be content with what we have as far as draft picks."

The claim by the old standby "anonymous NFL Exec" that "half" the teams in the top-10 are trying to trade out really comes as no surprise to me. The first question in my mind is how many of those teams are in the top half looking to get in the bottom half. We know of one of these, the Vikes. Beyond that, the Buc's seem pat and the Rams would sell their building for the right price.

I can't imagine the Phin's trying to get down, though I could see the Jags. I'm getting at the idea that I think the Panthers are one of these teams being mentioned.

So, let's say you're theoretical, vague five teams are Vikes, Rams, Jags, Panthers and Bills. I think most teams would love to get one of this class's elite pass rushers, and they don't even start coming off the board until the Jags according to BPA, so...

Despite my first impression, this thing may play out differently. Carolina may be right in the thick of things come Draft night wheelin' and dealin'.

I'd LOVE that, as we all know that good things happen when Hurney trades back: Beason and Kalil equal two perrenial pro-bowlers.

After the Jump, I'll look at several other pieces of evidence to support the Panthers trade-back scenario, as well as look at the most likely options for a partner.

Another encouraging part of this is that this much pre-draft interest level in moving around in the first round bodes well for something to actually happen somewhere near the Panthers pick, and you know what happens when you hang around.

You couple this news with the new collective-bargaining agreement that is less financially punitive for teams that are already successful to package something up to get at an "elite," or at least one that's perceived-to-be, and we may be cooking with gas.

If all plays out well, we could end up with a bidding war with an AFC East bidding war with the Pats and Jets trying to get back up there to outpace division rivals Phins and BIlls. Maybe the Steelers or Ravens feel a sense of urgency with both aging on both sides of the balls and their upstart division opponents holding a pair of first rounders.

For the sake of argument, I've figured any team giving up a pick in the Eagles to second Browns pick (15-22) to have to give us a third to switch out. Any playoff team deep in the first and second 'd have to give up both and possibly sweeten the pot to reap the benefits of the three or four games we gave away with Cam's youth, having Mare on the roster and the defense's epic awfulness.

I've seen several scenarios kicked around for the Panthers here on CSR and the one that seems most likely is the Patriots deal, though the we're all in agreement the draft value isn't perfect. I could see us giving up a future third or fourth to work that out, though.

The Eagles have an extra second rounder to soften the blow of delivering us a third and fifth or so. Our oft-before partner the Jets may be the most likely to yield to get up there, and I wouldn't count out the Bears, who seem desperate for pop.

I've also noticed the Bengals are hosting a lot of these guys who would be there in the top-10, and I wouldn't count out a team like the Browns to make a splash and they have the ammo (9 draft picks, I believe, including four and 21).

I'll list these options for a trade back in the fan poll, and I encourage you to discuss any you favor or that I didn't discuss.

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