Is Vincent Jackson a Real Possibility for the Panthers Now?

I know a few months back I made a fanpost about how we should sign Vincent Jackson and how he would be a perfect fit for the Carolina Panthers. Well just the other day Adam Schefter reported that three teams look to be intrested in Vincent Jackson and those teams are the Vikings, 49ers and Panthers. He also mentioned that the Panthers seemed to recently jump into the conversation for signing this years top WR free agent. So does Hurney know something we all dont as it pertains to our cap situation? Are the new look Panthers and new attitude Panthers finally willing to loosen the purse strings and make a little noise in free agency? ofcourse assuming cap space permits it. Kc_chargers290457x166_medium

I know we all want Mario Williams. But He will be way too expensive for us and frankly it would be pretty much impossible to make enough cap room to sign someone of his price tag. I think the Panthers have to do all they can to atleast make one splash in free agency for a few reasons which I will explain shortly, but first lets go down the list of the other two teams intrested in Vincent Jackson and why the Panthers are absloutly the perfect fit.


Vikings. Yea I definitley don't see this happening for a few reasons. A. location and climate. Talk about a culture shock going from sunny Cali to bitter cold Minnesota, you just can't get more extreme than that, I definitley do not think Vjax would be willing to relocate to Minnesota of all places. B. Vincent Jackson will want a team that is either already competing in the playoffs or on the verge of competing and the Vikings are atleast 2 seasons away from being considered contenders. C. Why would the Vikings spend that kind of money of Vincent Jackson when they can easily nab Justin Blackmon in the draft for a few million less? D. I'm still not sold on Christian Ponder being a true franchise QB, sure I suppose he had an alright rookie season, but not quite good enough for a team to go out and splurge on wide receivers in free agency just quite yet. Infact if I was a betting man, my money would be on the Vikings not signing Vincent Jackson.

San Francisco 49ers. Now on paper this seems like the most logical choice but look a little deeper and I dont see Vincent Jackson being a good fit in San Fran. First of all, Vincent Jackson is built for a deep passing attack, liberal offense and the 49ers are the exact opposite. Alex Smith is & company is operating a dink and dunk, run heavy offense. Pretty much the anti Vjax offense. For the money Vincent Jackson would be a complete waste in San Francisco and honestly I dont see the 49ers gameplan and playbook changing anytime soon and Michael Crabtree was finally starting to shine.

Carolina Panthers. What can I say, the perfect fit. It's almost as though the new look Carolina Panthers was custom built for Vincent Jackson. Where to begin. Well, for starters we all know that Rivera seems to have this obsession of signing Charger players and I am sure Rivera and Chudzinski are licking their chops at pairing Vincent Jackson with Cam and Steve Smith. Vincent Jackson has played in this offense before and has thrived in this offense, Marty Hurney has mentioned that he still wants to focus on improving the offense and adding to Cam's arsenal to keep the offensive momentum rolling. We FINALLY would have that legit number 2 WR to FINALLY take some pressure off Smitty. I am totally convinced that with Jeff Otah back.. Cam, Smitty, double trouble with Vincent Jackson in the mix we would have hands down the best offense in the league. Signing Vincent Jackson would also send a message that the old conservative way of the Panthers are gone and we will be more than willing to surrond Cam with the talent he needs so he doesn't have any temptation of leaving when his contract is up. If Hurney is going to stay up at night trying to work his cap room magic, then Vincent Jackson is who needs to be at the forefront to make room for.

Again, using my Los Angeles Clippers comparison i've used before. The Clippers got the first pick in the draft, they drafted their franchise star player in Blake Griffin and as a result made the Clippers must see TV. They might have lost a lot of games that first year but like the Panthers they had a lot of hope for the future and a bright future. Fast forward to 2012 and look what the Clippers did. They landed Chris Paul to get Blake Griffin some help and now they are real contenders to make a deep playoff run having a great season. That is how I see the Panthers playing out. One great signing away from really solidifying us as having the best offense in the league and I think Vincent Jackson will go a long way to support that cause.

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