Is the CSR Forum wrong about Poe?



Let me ask this then. Could we be wrong? Before you bash me for asking. Is there a chance that we jumped on the"the tape says it all" bandwagon to quick?

I ask because something is not adding up. We are screaming "work out wonder" here but it would seem to me that there are too many draft experts putting him in the first round and even the top ten. Even rumors that teams aremoving up to try to get him in the top of the first.

I spent some time web searching for reports and projections on him, and I have to say there is a lot of high regard and most feel he is a first round selection with a high percentage of them saying he is gone before 15. There were also several comparisons to Haloti Ngata.

More questions and thoughts on why there is so much disconnect after the jump.

So as a forum, sometimes there can be a tendency for it to become easy for the 90 percent of us, myself included, to draw our ideas from the 10% here that know football at a deeper level then the rest of us. We all know who they are and we respect their opinions so much they become our opinions. Once an a general opinion is formed it becomes difficult to express support for anything outside the already excepted opinion because of fear of the bashing that will be unleashed.

So I wonder if some of that is playing out here on the Poe is not worthy position here at CSR. It might be well founded, but as I allude to above there is just too much to the contrary out there in mock drafts, scouting reports, and projected draft position by national NFL pundits.

So I would like us to step back and reevaluate his worth as a top 16 draft pick.

Is there a chance it was the system or scheme that kept him from getting sacks and tackles for loss?

Did he participate in any post season games like the Senior Bowl or North South to see how he fared with other NFL prospects?

Why would he outside of CSR is he regarded as a top rated DT, or as they top rated DT in the draft. Are that many people who get paid to evaluate talent that wrong.?

Here are some recent mocks:

Scouts Inc Top 32 Below:SScsoutSCOUTS INC.'S TOP 32COUTS INC.'S TOScout 32

Player Pos. School Grade
1. Andrew Luck* QB Stanford 99
2. Robert Griffin III* QB Baylor 97
3. Matt Kalil OT USC 97
4. Morris Claiborne* CB LSU 96
5. Trent Richardson* RB Alabama 96
6. Justin Blackmon* WR Okla. State 95
7. Melvin Ingram DE S. Carolina 95
8. Luke Kuechly* ILB Boston Coll. 95
9. Quinton Coples DE N. Carolina 94
10. Dontari Poe DT Memphis 94
11. Mark Barron S Alabama 94
12. Michael Brockers* DT LSU


2012 Top NFL Draft Prospects (updated 3/24/2012)


Player Pos. Pos. Rank School Class Ht. Wt. Proj. Round
1 *Andrew Luck QB 1 Stanford rJr 6-4 234 1
2 *Robert Griffin III QB 2 Baylor rJr 6-2 223 1
3 *Matt Kalil OT 1 Southern California rJr 6-7 306 1
4 *Morris Claiborne CB 1 LSU Jr 5-11 188 1
5 *Justin Blackmon WR 1 Oklahoma State rJr 6-1 207 1
6 *Trent Richardson RB 1 Alabama Jr 5-09 228 1
7 Quinton Coples DE 1 North Carolina Sr 6-6 284 1
8 *Riley Reiff OT 2 Iowa rJr 6-6 313 1
9 Melvin Ingram OLB 1 South Carolina rSr 6-1 264 1
10 *Michael Brockers DT 1 LSU rSo 6-6 322 1
11 Ryan TannehillInjured QB 3 Texas A&M rSr 6-4 221 1
12 *Dontari Poe DT 2 Memphis rJr 6-4 346 1

It goes on and on Walters has him as the top rated DT. LInk:

There are so many more that I will not bore you but use a search engine and look for top rated nfl drat dt's of mock drafts and you will see plenty. Even Charley Casserly has Poe going to us, and I think he is smart enough to not be fooled by the combine results. All I am asking is for us as a forum to consider that there are those we should respect putting him at top 15 talent and #1 DT in the draft.

Instead of taking the easy route and bashing them and me, put some thought into why he may be better then we think.

Please we have endless threads with Poe bashing, lets use this one to be constructive in finding reason to like him.

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