What should the Panthers do in the First Round?

We have had many mock draft type posts, and several posts that converse on the pro's and con's of a particular player. There has also been talk of trading up and trading back. I would like to look at our pick a different way. We have the 9th pick, and there is a consensus that QB's will be picked at #1 and #2.

After the jump, I will list the players that I think we should take in the order that I think we should take them

So Luck and RG3 are off the board. Here are the 7 players that I would take at #9 in order of preference.

These guys would make me very happy!

#1) Kalil (OT) - I do not care if we need him. He is the best prospect in the draft, and will be a beast until he gets old or injured. There is no way you can pass up this man, regardless of who you already have. Add to that the fact that the Panthers have Gross getting old and Otah is often feeble, and I think there is a case we should take him for need as well. To state my point more directly, we got a franchise QB at #1 last year, we should take a franchise LT this year! I do not care who else is available, and I do not want to trade back. If Kalil is there, we take him. I would even trade up to get him if we could follow the draft trade value chart and trade #9, #40, and a 2nd round pick next year to move us up to #3. Or trade #9, #40, for #4 and #132 if Minnesota does not take him.

#2) Claiborne (CB) - I believe that Claiborne is the next best prospect after Kalil. If he is available at #9, take him. I would not trade up for him as I do not think he is the lock that Kalil is and I believe Hogan and Gamble will be a fine starting pair of corners for us, but Claiborne at #9 would be a steal that I could not pass up. I would only trade back if we got a premium. Pick #9 is worth 1350 on the draft trade value chart. I would only trade back if we got 1700 for him. (That is something like #15, #47, and #79 or #12 and #44).

#3) Justin Blackmon (WR) - I believe Blackmon will be a star in the NFL. The man can just flat out catch the ball. His size and speed do not wow me, but his game tape does. I would be very happy to land this WR. However, I would not trade up to get him. I would only trade back if we got 1600 for him.

That is it. At this point, I would much rather trade back for multiple picks at fair value. We need better depth at OT, ILB, Will, DE, 3Tech DT, WR, and Safety. We just need upgrades to our depth at so many places and there is not anyone else that I think is a sure enough prospect to pass up any opportunity that we may have to add additional picks in the top 100.

However, it is very likely that no team will give us the fair market value for us to trade back.

#4) David DeCastro (OG) - Look at this guy on tape. If he was a Tackle, he would be 1B with Kalil. Only the fact that he plays guard drops him below the "would rather trade back" line. This guy is a beast and would make our offensive line fantastic.

#5) Riley Reiff (OT) - I am not sold on Riley as a star. However, if we can not trade back, and we can not get someone higher on this list, then we are not getting a sure thing every down player. If that is the case, I want that LT to protect our franchise QB.

#6) Fletcher Cox (DT) - We have a lot of defensive tackles, but no one that is very good at the 3 technique under tackle. If we can not trade back, then Fletcher Cox would at least be a starter right out of the gate. If he can stop the run in the NFL like he did in the SEC, then I would be very happy.

#7) Whitney Marcilus (DE) - High Motor. He may not be an every down player, but he will get pressure for us. I do not want anyone that does not play every down at #9, but he is my 7th choice.

Guy that are not on the list

Richardson - I do not want to select a RB as I think that DWill and JStew are great. Even if we trade one, I am very pleased with our current backfield.

Coples - I do not want a guy that does not go all out all the time. We had Peppers, and that was enough of that for me. I would take Coples if we traded back as he would definitely be in my top 12-15.

Poe - It makes me mad when I see Mock Drafts list Poe at #9. Some have him even higher. Game tape please! I am not worried that we will actually take him before the 3rd round. He is a 1 technique, and we are set there.

Any Other CB - We have Hogan and Gamble. We are not reaching for a CB in any round.We may take Jenkins or Gilmore in late round 1 or early round 2, but not at #9.

Brockers - I am not sure we will not take him, but I do not want to spend a #9 on a guy that has trouble staying at his playing weight. We need a man that is all football all the time. They stay in shape! I would take him at 20 or later.

Kuechly - I do not think that he can beat out Beason, nor can he transition to Will at all. I would only take him as a value pick at 20 or later.

Any other WR - None are worth #9, many are worthy 2nd round picks.

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