Carolina Panthers 2012 Draft: One Of Division III's Finest

WR Rico Wallace

If I told you that there was an intriguing prospect at Shenandoah University, a tiny Division III school in the mountains of Virginia, how interested would you be in him? Not much? Would it make a difference if you knew that this prospect was a 6' 2.5", 210 lb wide receiver who had 1,241 yards receiving at 18.5 yards per catch and 14 touchdowns his senior season? Still not excited? Let me try again. How would you feel about him if you knew that the Panthers were one of only three teams who took the time to attend his pro day workout? Am I making any headway with you yet? Either way, if you haven't heard of WR Rico Wallace before, consider this the perfect opportunity to better acquaint yourself with this latter round prospect. Join me after the jump to do just that.

If you're thinking that Wallace might be one of those guys who ended up at a small school by way of dismissal from a larger, more prominent football university, you would be wrong. He actually spent the entirety his career at Shenandoah and broke a plethora of records while he was there. One of the most impressive aspects of Wallace's college career is the fact that he increased his statistical output in every single category from one season to the next. This is the type of consistent improvement that teams like to see from a prospect that they are considering. It's also a bit of tangible evidence that Wallace likely worked very hard to make these gains possible.

Since we already know that this guy has the size that many of our CSR members crave, let's look at that other measurable that we all seem to get so worked up about: Speed. I wish I could tell you that he is a 4.3/4.4 guy, but I can't. He did, however, run a respectable 4.53, and if you throw in the fact that he has a 37.5 inch vertical, I believe we've got the makings of a potential steal in the 6th or 7th round of the 2012 draft. Beyond the numbers, he's a precise route-running, sure-handed receiver, who is very difficult to bring down. Wallace also excels at catching the ball at its highest point in jump ball situations, which makes him an exceptional red zone threat. Most importantly, Wallace is known as a genuinely good guy, who is humble and willing to do whatever it takes to succeed at the next level. What about you, CSR? Does Wallace sound like a player you would like the Panthers to consider in the latter rounds of the 2012 draft? Be sure to let me know what you think of Wallace in the poll that follows his highlight videos.

Year Rec Yards Yrds/Catch TD
2008 14 193 13.8 0
2009 52 830 16 4
2010 56 1023 18.3 9
2011 62 1241 18.5 14

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