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Hi guys. Over at Mocking the Draft I participated as GM for the Panthers in a fan mock. We did all 7 rounds. Trades were allowed (only picks though, no players could be traded), I moved around a little bit, but not as much as I would have liked. Here are the results:

1 (9)- DT Fletcher Cox
2 (40)- OLB Bruce Irvin
4 (105)- OG James Brown
6 (166)- WR Jordan White
6 (167)- CB Cliff Harris
6 (169)- P Bryan Anger
6 (188)- SS Duke Ihenacho

Started out a little rocky for me. I desperately wanted to trade down in the 1st and 2nd but couldnt get a deal done. In the 1st I wanted to get a CB but lately the Panthers focus has been more towards the D-Line and I wanted to be fair and realistic. Cox is the best DT IMO and fits our system well as well us upgrades the pass rush. In the 2nd Jenkins and Brown got snagged right in front of me which ticked me off and I also couldnt trade down. I picked Irvin because I think he is underrated and can really help us. He has the versatility to play 3-4 OLB 4-3 OLB or 4-3 DE. He reminds me of a more raw Von Miller and has a ton of upside. In the 4th I got Brown because he was the BPA on my board. He should be a very good guard and has the versatility to play OT if needed (he played LT in college). We dont have anyone set at RG right now so he will up the competition and deepen our depth (I think there is a good chance he gets to start). In the 5th I was finally able to trade back, I also traded up with my 2 7ths to have 3 picks at the top of the 6th. there I got White, Harris, and Anger. I think White has the potential to become a great WR, he could be our #4 WR right now while he develops and he is also a good returner. Harris adds high quality depth to our CBs and is another excellent returner. Anger has the leg to become and elite punter in the NFL and we dont even have someone on the roster, no brainer. finally i got the Duke because he was the BPA and he adds depth to out safeties (we only have 3, and all of them are better FS and SS)

Overall i would have liked to move around more at the top, but I’m not upset with my picks and i feel that i did really well late in the draft. I’m happy with it.

Here is the draft tracker if you want to see how all of the picks fell

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