The Case for Justin Forsett

One element that has been missing from our offense has been that of a "scat back", that is a small, speedy, shifty running back that excels in swing passes, screen passes, and the return game, such as former Charger and current Saint Darren Sproles. We thought we had the man for the job already on the roster in Mike Goodson, but he quickly fell out of favor with the coaching staff due to his inability to secure the football. So it stands to reason that we may be looking for a scat back to add to add yet another weapon to our offense, whether it be via the draft or free agency. My purpose for writing this fanpost is to suggest former Seahawks RB Justin Forsett for the job.

Justin Forsett was drafted in the 7th round of the 2008 draft out of California, the same school that our own Ron Rivera attended. Forsett had a strong pre-season but was waived by the Seahawks, then picked up and waived by the Colts, before ultimately winding back up with the Seahawks as a return specialist. In 2009 he became the #2 RB behind Julius Jones. Over the past two years, Forsett has seen his role diminished with the additions of Leon Washington, who took his role as a return man, and Marshawn Lynch.

As a comparison, I've compiled Forsett's career numbers of relevance along with those of some of the better scat backs in the league, and those of our own Mike Goodson.

Darren Sproles: 5.2 yd/carry, 9.1 yd/reception, 25.4 yd/kick return, 8.6 yd/punt return
Justin Forsett: 4.6 yd/carry, 7.5 yd/reception, 23 yd/kick return, 8.1 yd/punt return
Kevin Faulk: 4.2 yd/carry, 8.6 yd/reception, 22.6 yd/kick return, 9.3 yd/punt return
Maurice Morris: 4.2 yd/carry, 7.7 yd/reception, 22 yd/kick return, (rarely used as a punt returner)
Mewelde Moore: 4.5 yd/carry, 8.8 yd/reception, (rarely used as a returner)
Leon Washington: 4.7 yd/carry, 7.7 yd/reception, 25.5 yd/kick return, 10.3 yd/punt
Mike Goodson: 4 yd/carry, 7.7 yd/reception, 21.7 yd/kick return, (never returned a punt)

As you can see, Forsett measures up well in every category against several of the better scat backs in the league as well as Goodson.

Given the role a scat back can play in our offense, the desire to increase the number of weapons Cam has at his disposal, and the relatively low price I'm sure Forsett would come at, I would suggest to our front office that Forsett could admirably fill the scat back role for us. Even with how tight we currently are on cap space, I believe that extending Steve Smith and cutting Mike Goodson, who Forsett would replace, could open up enough cap room to add Forsett.

And that my friends, is the case for Justin Forsett.

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