Saints’ Zach Strief: This season it’s us against the world. ( The poor Saints feel picked on)



I am amazed sometimes by how little people today hold themselves accountable. The Saints are in complete denial and when they should be ashamed of their teams, and their own actions. They instead cry out to the world how hard the NFL has been on them, and cry out that they will overcome this injustice, instead of accepting what they did was wrong and move forward and accept this punishment like men.

Quotes and links to Striefs comments after the Jump

So here is a quote from the Pro Football Weekly story on Strief's quotes on how his team will rally to overcome this great injustice that has thrown on this team.

Zach Strief, who said his teammates will be motivated more than ever by what they view as unfair treatment of Payton.

This season is going to take on an us-versus-the-world mentality,”

Link to full story

I do not wish anyone or any team ill will, but this attitude causes me to dislike this team even more. The fact that they, as an organization planned to build this defense by hiring a DC that they new would implement a philosophy of we will win by being nastier then our opponent by intentionally trying to remove you from the game by taking cheap shots at you in the hope of injuring you and possibly, if we are lucky end your carrier. Then to lie to the NFL over multiple years about this tactic, and when finally caught, without a shadow of a doubt, they turn around and cry to the world we are being picked on.

I believe that the punishment to the staff and what will be coming down on the players , would not have been nearly as bad if Payton, and his staff, had not bold faced lied to the commissioner several times. If they had owned up and made the necessary changes this would have been a completely different situation today. Just like their coaching staff, the players are not standing up and admitting they where wrong and moving on, but instead lie to themselves and the football world about their actions. It all makes sense, since in the real world we usually follow the lead of our leaders. Way to go Coach.

This makes me even more proud of Mr Richardson, and his ethics, morals, and the type of team he wants for us. Go Panthers!

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