Just Another Mock Draft for People to Read

I'm going to have a whack at doing my own Mock Draft. I have not included any possible trades because I'm an idiot and don't know what each pick is worth. Plus wife just yelled at me for doing draft pick research instead of changing the oil in her rice burner car. I did add a comp. pick in the 7th round though.

My first 3 picks are of players who we already know plenty about so i won't bore you with more facts about them. My last for are some picks I haven't seen any pieces done on. If however they was then I'm sorry I didn't pay attention. So for my first 3 picks I will list them and my reason why they should be drafted there.

1st Round: Claiborne/Jenkins- If Claiborne is there like WalterFootball has them mocked then that is the BPA and we would be dumbass's not to take him. If he is not there then I would select Jenkins because I believe CB is are biggest need and him in a rotation with Gamble/Hogan would be a great combination on the outside. Plus he has PR value.

2nd Round: Zach Brown OLB- Next to CB this is another of are glaring needs. Brown in a rotation with TD will keep both sets of legs rested an hopefully TD on the field all season. Brown is the best OLB there in the draft. TD coming off his 3rd ACL/MCL surgery is a big risk factor for the Def. This injury is already hard to come back from, I know I've done both of mine and it ended my Army carreer.

4th Round: Akieem Hicks DT/NT: Now I know this is a reach but Walt has him mocked in this round to the Steelers with the 119th pick and I would rather have him here then hoping he is there in the 5th round.

5th Round: Danny Coale WR/Virginia Tech- Stats: 6'0, 201lbs. 4.50 40 time, 9 1/8in hand. Now since Virginia Tech is a run first throw second team his #'s are not staggering but I believe he has a lot of potential to be Smitty's backup and eventual replacement. Senior year he had 60c for 904yds and 3TD. His junior year he had 39c for 732yds and 3TD. Plus he was also the backup Punter and has a 43yd average on 13 kicks. I consider him one of the better sleeper prospects this round and letting WR drop any farther in the draft could be a wasted pick.

6th Round: Joe Long T/Wayne State- Joe Long, brother of Miami Dolphlin Pro-Bowler Jake Long, has a 6'5 308lb frame with long arms to help him defend against the edge. He was 1 of the better small college prospects at the Shrine game. He is the Gene Upshaw Div. II O-Lineman of the year and a 45 game starter. He's versatile and can move inside to play guard or center. If Joe is anything like his brother this will be a great value pick and potential replacement for either Gross or Oath. But I must make myself clear that this is only if he is anything like Jake other wise he would be a great rotational player.

7th Round: Brandon Hardin CB/S Oregon State- This college CB who projects as a S in the pros would make a great special teams rotational player at FS or CB. He is 6'2 222lbs who is coming of of a shoulder injury that kept him out his senior year. His Pro Day #'s were much better than I expected so that is why I have him being drafted in the 7th. Bench 225: 24, 40: between a 4.36-4.40. He did play in the Shrine game and coaches were impressed with his recovery. He is 1 of those hard charging do anything for the team kind of guys that make great roster fillers. He is better against the run than the pass and hits hard but out of controll some times.

7th Round Comp: Lonnie Edwards G/Texas Tech- He is 6-4 322lb lane opening machine. Texas Tech put up alot of points this year and big part of that was because of this man. He's a better run blocker than a pass blocker but is powerful enough to knock around D-Line and open holes for his RB.

Now I used some later picks on O-Line men because Hurney has have good luck finding late round gems and are defense really needs upgrades with the 1st three. Some mocks say we double deep on CB or S in later rounds but I believe after the mid-6th round every one of those postions has players who would be wasted picks and won't make the roster while O-Line have a better shot at making it because of depth issues. I didn't add a punter beacause I feel we could still grab a good 1 after the draft. If we draft 1, no big deal. Now some people believe that Decastro should be drafted if Claiborne ain't there and I find no fault with that either, I just feel CB is a bigger need and I would rather grab Jenkins with the 9th instead of waiting for the 2nd round. CB appears to be everyone's need because this is a Pass 1st, Run 2nd league now and I agree with them for the most part. We can't let QB's toarch use for 300 to 400 yards a game. Well thats my draft hope you like it.

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