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I haven't done one of this in a while, so I decided I would create one to entertain you guys. We still have over another month until the 2012 draft, but with all these free agent signings lets take a look at one possible draft scenario that I think would help Carolina make it to the Super Bowl. Let me know what you guys think. Enjoy!

Round 1 - Morris Claiborne - CB - LSU (5-11 - 188)



I know many of you still think there is no way that he drop this far but hear me out. The bucs obviously have a dire need at corner back, and running back isn't one of their top priorities. But after signing Nicks for the line and Jackson as the premier wideout, they would be dumb to pass on Richardson. He is the best running back prospect to enter the draft since AP. Even our new DB coach said that this draft is filled with a ton of talented CB prospects. So why not draft a sure thing like Richardson, and pick up a starting caliber CB in the 2nd round such as Alfonzo Dennard. I also read on walterfootball that there is reports that the bucs are interested in him. Other than that no other teams have CB on the top of their list. St. Louis might have been a team to worry about, but they just gave out a fat new contract to the hot-headed Finnegan.

(Morris Claiborne 2011 Highlights (via Bsacco10)

Round 2 - Chandler Jones - DE - Syracuse (6-5 - 265)



We've made it pretty obviously that we want (need) to upgrade our pass rush. I'm still a firm believer that Greg Hardy will have a break out career this year. He missed a lot of workouts due to his car accident, and some people didn't even think he would be able to play this year. So I'm hoping he comes out this year and shows us what we all know what he is capable of. With that being said we still need to bring in someone who can help upgrade our pass rush. This is still one of the main reasons if not the main reason our secondary got torched this past season. This is a copy-cat league and if we learned anything from the Super Bowl champs, it's that you can't have enough defensive lineman. That is where we insert this guy, Chandler Jones. He is an athletic freak with the perfect frame. He is still raw, but I believe with some coaching he could end up being someone like JPP. He has already made a visit to Carolina so you know he is on their radar. So come draft day if he is still on the board when pick number 40 comes rolling around, you can guarantee Hurney will be close to pulling the trigger.

(Chandler Jones vs West Virginia (via MetaDraft)

Round 4 - Joe Adams - WR/ST - Arkansas (5-11 - 180)



Since we signed Tolbert we can all pretty much all assume that Hurney isn't going to add a scatback as our 4th string RB, so you can mark Rainey or anyone else off your list. Hurney made it clear before the offseason that he wants to add on to our strengths, and create more weapons for Cam and Chud. Adding someone like the speedy and shifty Adams will certainly do that. I think Chud is some sort of evil genius who sits in a room by himself and comes up with some of these crazy plays. He would be thrilled to have someone like Adams to play around with. Not only will Adams be a great new weapon for Chud and Cam, he will be a HUGE upgrade in our special teams. When I say HUGE, that is an understatement. Armanti is not even a bust, because he wasn't even thought of highly coming out of college. I like the guy and I believe he is trying his hardest every day to improve, but sometimes you just have to face the music. Joe Adams has amazing vision, he is incredibly shifty, and he is very fast. All the qualities you need in a punt returner. He is also another guy who has made a visit to Carolina, so you know he will be on their radar when it comes draft day. And if you don't think he would be an upgrade over Armanti just watch this video.

(Joe Adams punt return against Tennessee (via hogs518)

Round 5 - Senio Kelemete - OG - Washington (6-3 - 309)



These are the rounds where drafting for depth starts to come into play. It's pretty obvious that we will need to draft someone since we released Wharton so we can provide some depth. I've read that everyone is really high on Williams before he got injured so that is another reason why they released Wharton. They had a cheaper, younger, and possibly better guard in Williams. I don't really do too much research on late round offensive lineman, but I've heard a lot of good things about Kelemete. I found this video on him where he was going up against Nick Perry from USC and he reminds me a lot of Wharton. He is very solid against the run, but is mediocre against the pass. Hopefully he can show the coaching staff something, and compete for the starting job. (#56 in the video)

(Nick Perry vs Washington " Senio Kelemete" 2011 (via JmpasqDraftjedi)

Round 6 - Bryan Anger - Punter - Cal (6-4 - 208)



James Dator did an amazing piece on this guy, and I really hope he makes it until the 6th round. If you haven't read the article yet here it is. He is an amazing prospect who looks like he is going to have a very bright future ahead if him. We just released Baker, so it is pretty obvious that we are on the market for a new punter. I wouldn't even mind spending a 5th rounder on him if he truly does live up to his hype.

Round 7 - Akiem Hicks - DT - Canada (6-5 - 300)



We could go any direction here, but for me it came down to either DT of LB. I personally think this will be the best pick though. I'm a big believer that with the presence of the healthy Ron Edwards in the middle, our defensive line will greatly improve. With a whole year of experience under their belt, and with a whole offseason filled with OTA's Fua and McClain will show a huge improvement. That still doesn't mean we can't add another big body in the middle who can potentially stop our awful run defense. Hopefully he will be able to bring some exciting competition to training camp, and allow everyone to step their game up to see who will get that starting role.

(Akiem Hicks - DL 2011 Regina Rams (via uofrrams)

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