Agents: Michael Brockers Did Not Participate In Bench Press

Feb 25, 2012; Indianapolis, IN, USA; LSU Tigers defensive lineman Michael Brockers speaks at a press conference during the NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

On a day where I didn't think NFL news could get any crazier the site are reporting that LSU defensive tackle Michael Brockers did not participate in the bench press drill. This despite his number being listed by the NFL on

I have it from Michael Brockers' agency that he did not even participate in the bench press drill portion of the NFL combine, meanwhile national scouting verified that Brockers opted to not lift in the event but mistakenly posted a result of "19 reps" for the LSU Tiger.

This is the next in a long line of faux pas that have occurred along with incorrectly posted times, and reports that last year the WRs and QBs were not in sync for the throwing drills. However, it's not just Brockers' bench press numbers that are brought into question.

What is also being disputed is Brockers forty yard dash, which was posted as a 5.36 while 3 teams reportedly clocked him in the 5.08-5.19 range in the event.

One more puzzling aspect of this particular prospect's posted information is the fact that Michael Brockers has never measured in at less than 6′5″½ and he was somehow registered at a posted 6050 or 6′5″ even. Something that is certain to be dispelled at LSU's pro day on the 22nd of March.

This further disproves the notion that the NFL combine means anything. I'm not sure whether it's sheer mass of numbers, or just carelessness but whichever way you cut it the lack of control or care in timing, measuring and handling prospects in Indy is rather disgusting.

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Rotoworld's Norris brings up an excellent point, which is just how damaging an incorrect number can be to a prospect, especially one seen as an 'upside' type player like Brockers. Furthermore, it's a pretty damning condemnation of scouts on the field that we could have ESPN and the NFL Network covering the combine, yet neither bother to validate their numbers before pointing them out for commentary.

Finally, and most importantly it shows just how ludicrous the reliance on numbers can be vs. film. I remember last year when all the hype surrounded Nevada TE Virgil Green who put up ludicrous 40, shuttle, cone and vert numbers prompting many to upgrade his stock to a 2nd round pick- the Denver Broncos selected Green in the 7th round.

Thankfully the combine isn't the be all and end all for prospects, and Brockers will have the opportunity to dispel these negative rumors at LSU's pro day. That being said, this is the time of bad information, and misinformation so I suggest exercising caution when relying too much on the numbers. While he may not be my favorite receiver I seriously doubt any NFL team believes Kendall Wright's speed to be in the 4.6's.

Tip of the hat to John McLamb via Twitter who brought this to my attention.

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