Dream Draft is to Trade Back

My dream draft involves a lot of trading because value does not exist where we have our picks (except DeCastro at #9), and we just need to many new faces to stay in the top half of rounds 1 and 2. Value is very good at the bottom of rounds 1 and 2 for G, T, S, WR, and OLB43 in my opinion. For my trade criteria, I am assuming that we get as close to fair value as we can, based on the easily googled nfl draft trade value chart. Our number 9 pick is worth 1350 points.

Let me start off with some general thoughts on our team. I believe we have needs on both sides of the ball.

Offense - Our salary cap has forced us to let go of some of our OLine. This has created need. The only long term solution that we have is our Center, Kalil. We have an oft injured OT in Otah and an aging OT in Gross. Our gaurds are young or veteran journeymen. We have 1 great WR with several strong prospects. We are spending way too much for RB in our Air Coryell system. We do not have a backup QB that can play in the new offensive system.

Defense - I do not believe that we need a CB on day 1. We drafted a first round talent last year. We knew he was not going to be healthy until this year, and that is why we got Brandon Hogan at 98 last year. We basically traded a 3rd round choice last year for a first round pick this year, and used it on CB. People may hate Gamble from his 2010, but his 2011 showed his ability to start. We can not use another early pick there. We are set at CB for starters. Also, with Ron Edwards return, DT is not as high on my list as everyone else. By the end of the year, we were playing much bettor, and after the 2 rookies starters went down our replacements played well. It was our safety's that were bad. a SS that can not cover, and a FS that can not tackle. They both need to lose their starting spots for our D to get better. At LB, we look great as starters on paper. But weak backups to guys coming off IR is very scary.

Now for my draft:. Trade Back Often!!!

Round 1 - If Claiborn or Blackmon are there, you take them. Heck, if Luck or Kalil are there, take them. It is not going to happen. If it does, we can find a team to trade us a kings ransom. I am assuming they are not there.

I want Barron SS Alabama (projected around #22) The secondary is our biggest weakness and Safety is the gaping hole. Cincy has pick #21 and Cleveland has pick #22. They both need a RB. Trade a RB (JStew most liklely) and get Barron.

No one available at 9 is worth a 9 pick. Trade back. However, the 49ers are on a SB or bust cycle. And their weak link is OLine. They have no shot at Kalil since the Vikings are taking him at #3. But the former Stanford coach is going to want DeCastro. He will be there at 9. Our #9 is worth 1350, Their #30 is worth 620, their #62 is worth 284, and a first round next year (they will think that is #32 worth 270).

I will take Kendall Wright (a Speed WR that can become the feature) with #30. We need all the weapons we can get. Cam is our future.

With our second round picks, I want a OG and an OLB(43). The draft does not have value at oick 40 for those positions. Trade back. Green bay is needs pressure and play the 34. That is what value lies at pick 40. Trade 40 (500 points) for 60 (300), 92 (132), and 3rd round next year (68)

Pick #22 - Mark Barron (SS) Alabama

Pick #30 - Kendall Wright (WRS) Baylor

Pick #60 - Kevin Zeitler (G) Wisconsin

Pick #62 - Lavonte David (OLB 43) Nebraska

Pick #92 - Trumaine Thompson (FS) Montana

Pick #104 - Tom Compton (T) South Dakota

Pick #137 - Emmanuel Acho (ILB) Texas

Pick #168 - Russell Wilson (QB) Wisconsin

Pick #201 - Julian Miller (DE43) West Virginia

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