Oregon State 2012 Pro Day Results

Hello Panther Nation, today is 3/16/12 and the date I have waited for all year, OSU's Pro Day. Today I would like to introduce to three of the better Beaver players I wouldn't mind seeing on the roster come the beginning of the season. Note to all that I'm not computer lit. so if this is bad I'm sorry.

WR/KR/PR James Rogers: Standing in at a very undersized 5'7 & 185lbs this do everything guy would make a great special teams and slot receiver.

Stats: 1410 Rushing Yds, 9 TDs and a 27.6Yds/G 40 Time: 4.49 Bench: 19 at 225lbs 2578 Rec. Yds, 19 TDs and a 5.5Yds/G L-Drill: 6.93 Short Shuttle: 4.18 2124 KR Yds, 1 TD and a 41.6Yds/G 60Yd Shuttle: 11.34 261 PR Yds, 1 TD and a 5.1Yds/G

Now while his size and injury history would make any team do a double take, I believe that a low 7th round or a UDFA should be used based on his skills in both the return and receiving game but also his high character and willingness to do what ever it takes to make the play.

CB/SS/FS/LB Brandon Hardin: Standing in at 6'2 7/8 & 220lbs this college CB who most scouts say should play SS/FS and possibly LB in a rotational setting in the NFL.

Stats: G/38, ST/73, ASST/32, TT/105, SACK/1, TFL/3, FF/3, FR/1, PDEF/7, INT/1 40 Time:4.40/4.36, Bench:24, L-Drill:6.60, Short Shuttle:4.19, 60Yd Shuttle:11.09

Broken shoulder ended 2011 season in fall camp but he played in the East/West Shine Game Upside: Excellent Size, Athletic Physical, Good Cover Skills, Supports Run Aggressively, Heavy Hitter, Verisatile, Outstanding Character & Makeup Downside: Tight Hips, Unsudden Accerlation, Minimul Ball Production, Relatively Inexperienced He is a intriguing size/speed prospect who was used at OSU as a CB. A core special teamer with upside and desirable make who should garner a consideration as a 7th round or possibly a 6th round. Played 2008 season with a broken hand so he is willing to play through the pain.

FSLance Mitchell: Standing in at 6'1 7/8 & 205lbs 3yr starter for the Beavers played the entire 2011 season witha abdominal injury was still 3rd on the team with 76 tackles. Had herina surgery in the offseason so did not particpate in most of the Pro Day events Stats: G/50, ST/139, ASST/94, TT/233, TFL/2, FF/1, FR/2, PDEF/16, INT/7 40 Time:4.60, L-Drill:6.88, Short Shuttle:4.19, 60Yd Shuttle: 11.82

One of the more athletic FS to come out of OSU, he will play through the pain and is not afraid of scraping with bigger receivers and running backs. Is another high character player who could work his way into the line up as a rotional 2ndary player as well as special teams. A strong lower body and is big enough to disrupt tight ends in the middle. Is effective in two deep coverage. Wont make alot of plays on the ball and struggles in coverage. Most draft experts have him listed as a 6th to 7th round prospect.

So while I think every player list could be of some help to our team I realize there are some better players on better teams that had more production then they did. They also at one point or another were injuryed for the better part of the season in 2011. Out of the Hardin or Rodgers make better since because of the vercitliaty in all aspects of the game. My capaign to have James Rodgers in a Panther uniform starts now.

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