The Enigma That Is Ryan Tannehill

Ryan Tannehill. Ugh this guy is annoying when working on mock drafts. His future seems tied with the winner in the RG3 sweepstakes. Will he or won't he go in the 1st round? Will he be a top 15 pick, fall into the 2nd, or be the guy some team trades with New England at the bottom of the 1st for? Who knows. Even the experts are unsure what to make of his draft position. Most do agree, however, that he isn't worth being taken in the top 15 but could go simply because of QB need currently in the league. So where and when will he be drafted?

My opinion is that Tannehil will NOT go in the 1st round unless some team trades back just to get value for him or up for him with one of New Englands late 1st round picks. I still don't think this likely. So where and when do I think he will be drafted?


I think he will most likely be taken by the Seahawks in the 2nd.

The Seahawks General manager John Schneider said [last] week that he's far more interested in quarterbacks who have been athletic through their careers, and the guys who go to all the passing camps make him a little nervous.

According to Mike Mayock

"Tannehill has 19 starts, and he’s a former wide receiver," Mayock said. "I can see all the attributes of a Locker in Tannehill. He’s a big, strong kid that can push the ball down the field. He’s athletic."

Obviously RG3 is more athletic but the Seahakws would probably have to trade their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd this year along with a 2013 1st and 2nd next year to move down. Way too much when they were able to go 8-8 with a ton of O-line injuries, no Sidney Rice, and Tavaris Jackson injured sporadically. They like Jackson and would be better served using their picks on other areas of need. I think they DO want another QB (especially since Whitehurst sucks balls), but not THAT badly. If they could grab Tannehill in the 2nd (at their pick or by moving up a little earlier if they feel like it) then that would be preferable.

Of course I could be COMPLETELY WRONG and they're highly interested in him this early. I'm going to have to agree though with the 2 most recent mocks on (1) and (2) though and think they'll prefer to draft somebody NOT to be a backup but as an immediate impact guy.


I think and agree with the wide spread opinion that he's a contingency plan for them.

If Washington isn't successful in moving up to the No. 2 overall spot, league sources believe they could select Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Some believe they would be inclined to use the sixth pick on him rather than trade down and try to get him later in the first round or in the second round.

However, I think that none of this speculation will matter because THEY will be the ones who trade up to get RG3. The Browns have the best ammunition if they're willing

Most have indicated that it would require two first-round picks, along with third and fifth-round selections to get a deal done. That would be the exact terms of the 2004 draft day trade between the Giants and the Chargers for the rights to Eli Manning, who went first overall.

The Rams want a lot, and Cleveland’s two first-round picks (4th and 22nd) won’t be enough compensation for the second pick in the draft. The Rams know the Redskins will be aggressive, but they have been getting weird, uninterested signals from the Browns. One of the problems is that Mike "Big Show" Holmgren has never really done a trade of this magnitude and, two, his coaching staff remains confused on what to do with RG3. Their talk of him being Michael Vick-like doesn’t create confidence with Holmgren.

There's a huge chance the Rams will finalize a trade for the 2nd pick before Free Agency where Manning and Flynn muddy up the field. Free Agency starts on March 13th, so we have about 2 weeks to wait and see whether the Redskins will still be considered for this guy.


So what will the Dolphins do? I've seen tons of mocks where Miami takes Tannehill at their #8 pick. Reading a ton of different draft and offseason related posts on The Phinsider it seems that a lot of their fans believe Manning is going to be their guy. A lot of them even think that Flynn is going to be pursued by the Browns (though it would seem they think otherwise). Others, obviously, think they'll go with Flynn if Manning isn't available or goes elsewhere. With their 1st round pick, though, it seems they differ on what to do with it as much as we do. Some believe drafting Tannehill and letting him sit behind Manning/Flynn would be the best option. Some believe that Ingram would be the best option for their 3-4 hybrid D they'll be running. Then you see others wanting Reiff and more wanting to trade back to try to get Mark Barron.

Regardless, it is clear that QB is the Dolphin's highest priority. So I will say this, if the Dolphins fail to make any moves in FA in regards to their QB issue then YES, I believe they'll grab Tannehil at pick 8. Personally I think they'll land one of the 2 FA's and just draft a guy for the future if the value is there in the rounds AFTER the 1st. Whether that be Tannehill, Cousins, Weeden, Osweiler....


Haha, I don't even think fans are seriously considering this guy. Right now they're up in arms with the debate between Colt-guys that want to better the team now rather than trade it all away on 1 guy and the RG3-guys. I think that if they don't win the RG3 battle then they'll be investing their picks into bettering the team and giving McCoy one more year.

So like before, we have to wait until March 13th and the start of Free Agency to see what the future holds. Until then why don't you guys vote on Tannehill and where you think he'll land.

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