Carolina Panthers 1st Round Trade Back- Who You Got?

Here's a few notes about this particular mock draft which has the Panthers trading their # 9 selection for both of the Patriots late 1st round picks at #27 and #31.

-This trade is fairly close to being even on the trade value chart. In fact, the Patriots would probably have to throw in a fourth rounder to balance the trade even more. But this post will only be considering who we could possibly take at the end of the first round with those two picks. Yes, I know these value charts are outdated, but this was all I had to go on.

-In my last post, I failed to include guys like Luke Kuechly and David DeCastro in my poll, and many of you let me know that they should have been considered at # 9. Unfortunately, these two guys won't be in this poll either because I don't believe they will be available at 27 and 31.

-In case you are wondering, I have the Patriots moving up to get Ingram because of two things: they are enamored with his pass rushing capabilities in their 3-4 defensive scheme and they are willing to do whatever it takes to keep Ingram from being drafted by the Bills, who pick immediately after the Panthers.

-Again, feel free to debate the logic of how picks 1 through 9 and the trade with the Patriots played out, but I'm more interested in seeing who CSR would most like to see the Panthers pick at 27 and 31 if presented with the opportunity.

-You'll notice that Alshon Jeffrey is conspicuously missing from the poll. This isn't because I believe he will be picked earlier. I am purposely waiting to see what he runs at his pro day. If he runs a 4.65 or worse, then I believe he can be had in a later round. Additionally, all of the available prospects in my poll participated in the drills at the combine and looked good while doing so. Feel free to debate this logic as well, but I'm just taking the wait and see approach before I have him as an option in the latter part of the first round.

Trade Back Scenario

1. Indianapolis Colts- QB Andrew Luck
2. Washington Redskins- QB Robert Griffen III
3. Minnesota Vikings- OT Matt Kalil
4. Cleveland Browns- DE Quinton Coples
5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- CB Morris Claiborne
6. St. Louis Rams- OT Jonathan Martin
7. Jacksonville Jaguars- OT Riley Reiff
8. Miami Dolphins- WR Justin Blackmon
9. New England Patriots- DE/OLB Melvin Ingram
27. Carolina Panthers- Who you got?
31. Carolina Panthers- Who you got?
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