Some Mock Drafts based off our front runners

At first when I saw so many mock drafts going up towards the end of the season, I wrinkled my nose at them. Now that our season is officially over, I can't resist the urge...

This one is relatively straight forward, with no shockers yet. I really just wanted to flesh out some potential drafts based upon who the "experts" have projected us to pick in the first round, and let you choose Pantherboy style. This is just with the picks we have now, though I do have some trade ideas for us that I may throw at the community another time. Picks 5-7 are pretty much always going to be a crapshoot, so don't get too riled up about them. I got the most of the info between cbssports and Walterfootball. There is a guy over at Mocking the Draft who is excellent at predicting compensatory picks, and he prognosticates an extra 7th rounder to us this year.

Draft #1

1 Dre Kirpatrick CB, Alabama 6-2 192 4.49

We know how sad our secondary looked this year. We play the Falcons and Saints twice each every year, and were 0-4 against them this season. While this draft is deep with CBs, I see a lot of guys that remind me of Munnerlyn potential wise coming out of college (Excellent college players but unsure how they will fare against NFL receivers). It worked out pretty well for us last time we picked a CB in the first round. I believe if you want a true starter at corner, you need to pick one high.

2 Ronnell Lewis OLB, Oklahoma 6-2 244 4.63

I have no doubts about T Davis's heart, but its time to face reality about his body. Three ACL tears on the same knee is mind-boggling, and from a medical standpoint its hard to make that ligament any stronger. Lewis is a beast, and we sorely needed an upgrade during the past season. Senn will make an excellent back-up.

4 Winston Guy SS, Kentucky 6-1 210 4.49

Good instincts and a wrap up tackler? Sign me up. He may allow us to bench Martin and move Godfrey back to FS.

5 Matt McCants OT, UAB 6-6 309 5.26

A big athletic guy with potential who is decent in the run and pass game. Potential insurance for Otah and Schwartz. The vertical passing game needs protection to be successful.

6 Frank Alexander, DE Oklahoma 6-4 255 4.73

Another guy to help rotate in to keep the pass rush fresh. Had some good games against some good college OTs.

7 Adonis Thomas, RB Toledo 5-10 185 4.45

Has good speed, experience in the screen game, and a lot of heart.

7 Miles Burris, OLB, San Diego State 6-2 235 4.73

A guy with some potential for a rush linebacker in a 3-4 set (which we will use more ) and for special teams use. Great sack production and TFLs in college.

Draft #2

1 Michael Brockers, DT LSU 6-5 306 4.95

He may not bring immediate change like Kirpatrick would, but his awesome potential to be great could help return our D-line to 2003 dominance. A developed Brockers in the middle makes Johnson and Hardy that much better, and we all have witnessed what ferocious D-lines have done to offensive powerhouse type teams (i.e.- New Orleans, Atlanta, Green Bay) in this years play-offs. We have a chance to pick for the potential here, as next year is not slated to be a Super Bowl run year for us.

2 Chase Minnifield, CB Virgina Tech 6-0 185 4.49

We take Brockers in the first and still fill a glaring need with a great player at his position. Maybe Hogan is our guy, and maybe he isn't. Minnifield has great skills, and also enough size to separate him from all the "nickle" type corners on our roster.

4 Danny Trevathan, OLB Kentucky 6-0 230 4.68

Dude is an athelete who makes a lot of big plays (TFLs, forced fumbles, etc). We need a playmaker for the weakside who has starter potential, and hopefully he will still be there at this pick.

5 Alex Hurst, OT LSU 6-6 340 5.19

A huge guy who is good against the run and the pass with good technique. Potential at right tackle or maybe moved inside to guard.

6 Chris Rainey, RB/WR/KR/PR Florida 5-8 178 4.38

BAMF gets his Sproles-like guy, and Chud gets a special weapon to pull from the arsenal when the occasion warrants. We could also certainly use him for punt and kick returns if he is still on the board here. He can block punts too!

7 Matt Daniels, SS Duke 6-0 215 4.53

Decent speed, smart player, and a solid tackler (which we would especially love in a safety here at CSR)

7 Jack Crawford, DE Penn State 6-5 268 4.79

He may be able to spell CJ and Hardy some which would make them better. Either way, he could be a special teamer. For the Brits on here, he was born in London.

So, what do you guys and gals think?

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