My second look at the way the Panthers might draft post Senior and Shrine Bowls.

Since the completion of these two post season college bowl games I am going to reevaluate my first predictions on how I think Hurney and Co. will draft this year. I think Hurney and Rivera gave some more concrete tales in the way they plan on going with personel. Not so much with the exact players they interviewed but with the positions of interest. This is just a more logical way to view how things might shake up for us. Now I do realize Hurney and Co. could throw a monkey wrench into my strategy with a trade back or moving back into the third round somehow also if they really think a certain player falls their way. I will just go on what is the scenerio now as it stands and try to point out the players that fit what we are trying to do and upgrade positions that are lacking so it can bring up the play of the entire side of the offensive or defensive sides of the ball as a whole.

Round 1: Morris Claiborne CB LSU. My belief is that there will be a definate shake up with the teams drafting ahead of us. With all the QB's that will be in play like Luck. RG3, and what is going to happen with Peyton Manning and Matt Flynn's futures after all the teams scramble to move around or give up a pick for a QB Morris Claiborne just some how slides to our spot. It always seems when teams ahead of you move picks it always really shakes the draft up. So for now I am going out on a limb and say Claiborne will fall right in our lap.

Round 2: Mike Adams OT Ohio State. We chose not to go with offensive line in the first cause Claiborne slid to us and that is fine. The team will still be looking for an upgrade at the OT position and I think after all the things shake out in the first round he slides into the second round just cause of the way the later part of the first round draft picks pan out. Adams would offer a viable insurance policy if Otah can't stay on the field. Plus he can play left tackle so he is very versitle. We don't want to go into next season with Otah's health concerns and Byron Bell being our only option. I think Bell is better served at taking over one of the starting guard spots. He would excell better fo the team at that position.

Round 4: Tim Benford WR Tennessee Tech. I think he is a suprise pick here. Out of the players that played in the Shrine Bowl I saw where the Panthers really liked this player out of that week of practice. This just screams to me a Hurney diamond in the draft kind of pick. When I looked into this guy he reminds me of a Greg Jennings type of player. I think this pick would really turn out to suprise alot of Panther fans and provide another weapon for Cam and Chud.

Round 5: Danny Trevathan OLB Kentucky. This is a decent OLB prospect that played well while he was in the SEC. We saw last year we really are not as deep at the LB position as we thought. Trevathan has the potential to come in and compete for that starting WLB position. This is a good pickup in this stage of the draft that could pay real dividends for us.

Round 6: Brandon Taylor SS LSU. We just flat out need more safety help. Martin was atrocious and everytime you looked around Pugh had a concussion. Godfrey would be alot better if he had some help back there with him. I do also think we will pickup an additional safety in free agency this year to bring in competition for the guys on this roster already.

Round 7: Drew Butler P Georgia. Jason Baker just does not have the leg he used to plus he will tske up to much cap space to keep him. This is just a no brainer.

This is just the way I think Hurney and Co. will draft as it stands right now. I also believe things will shake out differently when free agency and the combines come so anything could happen.

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