Morning Combine Update: T-Rex Arms, Bad Lifts Plague Offensive Linemen

Pundits claim that arm length to a OT is as important as height is to a QB. Obviously there are outliers like Drew Brees who skew this mold, but on average you want your QB to be tall enough to see over the offensive line clearly, and therefore see all available passing lanes.

Personally, I don't see it. I'm not sure how and inch or two on someone's arm length makes a world of difference in the NFL. The thought is that an offensive tackle needs long arms to, well... keep defenders at an arm's length. Once a defensive player can get inside on a OL they can lose their leverage and lost their position. Concurrently, long arms for an offensive tackle can help contain speedy edge rushers.

This morning scouts are wondering what to do with Riley Reiff who followed up a poor bench press yesterday with a less than ideal arm length of 33.25 inches.

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Personally, I care far more about the position drills than arm length. Here's what I'm seeing so far:

- David DeCastro is an absolute beast. Watching him on film he gets a great low base, and the drive through his legs is almost flawless. If you want a safe pick in this draft around where the Panthers will be selecting then you can't go wrong with either DeCastro or Kuechly. Both players may not get much better than they already are, but where they're currently at is NFL ready.

- I'm not happy with anything I see out of Mike Adams. He needed to arrive in Indy and prove to everyone that he has the dedication to play in the NFL. He turned up and only managed 19 bench press reps, then ran the speed of a guard in the 40 (just 0.03 faster than DeCastro) and now in position drills I'm not seeing anything that jumps off the screen.

- On the flip-side I'm really impressed with Cordy Glenn out of Georgia. He looks absolutely amazing on film, and could be supplanting Adams at the bottom of the 1st/ top of the second round. The 345lb guard is really someone to watch for the Panthers in the second round, as I think he could develop into a very solid player. He ran 2nd best at his position posting 4.91 in the 40, put up 31 bench press reps and looks to carry his weight effortlessly. In position drills he showed the lateral movement of a tackle, not a guard and he looks extremely dedicated. It's early, but he's one to watch.

I'll keep updating with info throughout the day, but if you're watching consider this an open thread!

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