Day One Combine Summary: Rumors and Coins be Damned!

Not so big man on campus: Jeffrey was right where he needed to be. (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

As posted on CSR earlier today the Panthers lost the coin toss and are drafting 9th, c'est la vie. At the end of the day this really could work out better for Carolina due to the alternating pick schedule. This means the Panthers picks 8th in rounds 2, 4 and 6. When you consider that the talent at the top of the 2nd round will be much more tightly compacted, and the 3rd round pick belongs to Chicago the Panthers really could have gotten the better result, even if they pick one spot later in the first round.

This is the only time of the year where I care at all about another man's length and girth, so it was nice to see the weigh ins conducted and see how these guys shape up. What's really fascinating about today are some of the rumors that got absolutely shattered with just a simple measurement and weigh in.

Hey, remember two weeks ago when Alshon Jeffrey was weighing over 250lbs? Yeah, that was pretty much unadulterated BS. Today Jeffrey weighed in at a svelte 216lbs, which is the exact same weight as David Gettis. Coupled with this his hands were measured at a massive 10.25 inches, which are basically catchers mitts; I wonder how many have him as a 2nd round pick now. Also curious how Mike Mayock jumped the gun last week saying Jeffrey needed to 'get in shape', after hearing the early rumors. Seems like Mayock probably should have waited a little longer.

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The measuring tape wasn't so kind to Justin Blackmon, who officially was measured at 6'0". ESPN will drum up his smaller stature all week, but the fact is that Blackmon has always played bigger than his size due to his vertical jump and arm length- so really today didn't teach us anything on that front.

Robert Griffin III was surely relieved he didn't come up short, as height at the QB position is one that is of vital importance. Despite early week rumors he could be closer to 6'0", rather than his listed 6'2" it ended up being yet another lie. RGIII measured right where he was projected, and early reports are that he schooled Andrew Luck in the initial interview phase- at least with the media that is.

David DeCastro put up a really solid 34 reps of the bench press, which is right where you want an elite lineman to be. He'll be an intriguing guy to watch as the weekend goes on.

The shocker of the day for me came from Georgia TE Orson Charles, who many believe could be the first TE selected this year. Charles is a speedy, vertical, receiving TE who was knocked by many for not having the tools to be a good blocker; this was promptly followed by him arriving in Indianapolis and putting up rumored 35 reps on the bench press (some reports say 25, but either is impressive). Thus far he's showing far more strength than previously expected. Unlikely the Panthers would take him, but he'll be someone to watch nonetheless.

Not so good on the bench press: The 'other' top OL. Riley Reiff managed just 23 reps, and Mike Adams a paltry 19.

Finally, just because it's so funny to see how out of touch a local sports voice is I give you WFNZ's Marc James, via Twitter.

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