You Make the Call! Predicting Super Bowl XLVI

After acing last week's NFC and AFC championship games, I have now crawled to a nearly mediocre 6-4 in this year's playoff predictions. Congrats to all who joined me in picking the rematch of the New York Football Giants and the New England Patriots.

I'm quick to admit that I really don't have a clue who's going to win the Super Bowl this year. It's hard to pick against a Belichick and Brady combo that has done pretty darn well in the Big Game the last decade. Especially when their passing game is really clicking with two All Pro talents in Welker and Gronkowski. Gronk's injury status really does matter; I expect he will play but don't have any idea if he will be limited or not.

I'll go ahead and say who I am taking...after the jump...

I'm picking the Giants to win on Sunday Night. Here's why:

1. Manning and Coughlin are also good in the big games, and have won one already.

2. This one is key: The Giants passing game has evolved with an elite group of receivers and an Eli who is at the top of his game this year, and especially in the playoffs. They can almost match the Patriots in passing productivity, which negates one of the normally big advantages for the Pats.

3. The NYG crew has more talent on the defensive side of the ball. Tuck, Umenyiora, Pierre-Paul all have the potential to provide some big plays. Pressuring Tom Terrific and making him uncomfortable is the obvious key to slowing down their offense. The Giants have the potential to do this; we shall see if it happens or not.

4. The Giants running game also has potential, especially against the Pats mediocre defense. Both Bradshaw and Jacobs have come up big in big games in the past, and one of them will likely bust out on Sunday Night as well. They just need to run away from big Vince Wilfork.

5. Tom Coughlin is big on special teams. Can you see where I'm headed with this??

The passing games are almost a wash. The edge on defense and special teams go to the Giants. I'm not convinced the Patriots coach is all that much better than Coach Coughlin. I don't see revenge being a big thing in this game; either for this year's game or a Super Bowl in which most of the players on this year's rosters were not present. So intangibles, including fan support, seem to be negligible.

Giants 31 Patriots 27

And that's if Brady plays well. If the Pats defense is exposed and the Giants get in Brady's head, it might not be close. I'm going with the G-men in SB 46.

That's how I see it! How about you Panther fans??

You Make the Call!

PS Have enjoyed doing these posts this year; I hope a few of you have enjoyed having a forum to pick all of the games.

Go Panthers!!

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